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Practicing the Stick Jab
A Man Question from The Leveler

“I was raised to be a soft rabbit in a meaningful world. Then I wake up to the Lie and have a need for these skills you promote. I’ve been practicing the stick and was wondering if you could go into more detail about the jab.”

-The Leveler

The Stick Jab Concept

The stick jab is a rap, a retracting hit, which begins with the hand moving the stick towards it’s target, then the hand following, then the retracting of both hand and weapon, using the bounce that naturally occurs when one hits a reactive target [tissue, bone a car tire] and does not smash it in.

The jab is a low energy, high finesse way to use a light stick to fracture hand bones and possibly disarm a club or knife-wielding antagonist. Against a larger unarmed attacker I recommend sniping the eyes in this fashion and slashing hard at any reaction from his hands. People who jab well tend to move off the balls of their feet and synchronize their foot fall with the jab. One must move when jabbing.

Training and Equipment

-With a light stick, jab the air very lightly, before training, flushing your hands and wrist with blood. One can injure their wrist by air jabbing for effect. Just do this as a warm up and exercise.

-With a light stick, jab a heavy bag, rope or roped post, working on moving towards your empty hand side while jabbing.

-With a medium weight stick, jab a tire or other rubbery hard target and practice moving off as you retract.

-With a medium stick stand before a bag or tire and practice jabbing as hard as you can without smashing while still retracting the stick on the bounce.

-With a heavy stick play a drum beat slowly on your tire or bag while moving gently.

-With a light stick play a fast drumbeat on the bag while moving.

Now slash, do not finish with jabbing motions. The slashing motion will help stretch the tissues gently.

Finish by stretching your flexors and extensors of the forearm.

Twerps, Goons and Meatshields: The Basics of Full Contact Stick-Fighting

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SeanJune 7, 2018 10:44 AM UTC

I'll try to mark this down as a video demonstration for our next meeting.