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Hate News
A Radio Free Dindustan Report

Political Correctness Update.

Another time honored American institution bites the dust.

Wasn’t the swimsuit competition the whole point of the pageant? It started out as a bathing beauty contest to attract tourists to Atlantic City.

Miss America drops swimsuit competition and won’t judge on looks

Race War / Vibrant Diversity Update.

“Real human beings do not have any large unfulfilled capacity for love. They simply do not regard men as infinitely precious, whatever the homilist may say on Sunday; and they lack the boundless energy and selflessness required to will themselves to brotherhood…Attempts to suppress aggression entirely and to substitute love, being unnatural, will finally erupt in greater aggression. When utopians are frustrated in the realization of their vision by the real nature of humans, who are then seen as perversely evil, they can turn nasty and violent.”

-Judge Robert Bork, Slouching Towards Gomorrah

“Just a hint: there will never be a post-racial America, just an ever-increasing anti-white America where racial solidarity is expected among all nonwhite people, and the establishment vigorously polices against all attempts for white identity to gain steam.”

-Paul Kersey 10/29/2017

“I just want to say – you know – can we all get along? Can we, can we get along? Can we stop making it horrible for the older people and the kids?”

-Rodney King, 05/01/1992

“Let them have them.….Whites should not resent black behavior. Instead, they should recognize there is no way to maintain white standards after integration. Whites should have their own ceremonies like other groups. This would allow them to congratulate their loved ones in a style that honors the Western tradition. Why would anyone object? As Dr. Nate Norment, Chair of African-American studies at Temple said of black ceremonies, “You can affirm your culture without being anti anyone else.” If this is true for blacks, it is true for whites. Meanwhile, blacks can have a boisterous ceremony with kente cloth and anything else they want.”

Blacks want Separate Graduations

University of Florida is forced to apologize after black and minority graduates were SHOVED off stage by a white faculty member while they celebrated

Black students at University of Florida repeatedly pulled off stage for celebrating during graduation ceremony

Are black graduations at traditional colleges 'reverse racism'?

First Ever Black Graduation at Harvard 2017.

Race War / Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

“What 'multiculturalism' boils down to is that you can praise any culture in the world except Western culture - and you cannot blame any culture in the world except Western culture.”

-Thomas Sowell

“Notice how leftists can lie like this, and still feel as if they are being moral. To a leftist, as an r-strategist, the world is supposed to give them everything they want. When they lie, cheat, or steal, they are not committing any sort of sin that creates an unfair or unnatural advantage. Rather, they are just acting to return the world to the natural, fair state it should be in where they get everything they want. They are designed for that world, they expect that world, and only that world is seen by them as moral and just.”

- Anonymous Conservative 11/13/2017

“Don’t kill him its just a beer.”

“These stories remind us that immigrants from third world countries do not miraculously adopt western concepts on things like the justified use of lethal force and instead will most likely retain their native country customs and mores. You can also be assured that as the demographic replacement of the Historic American Nation continues to chug along, these types of internecine feuds among the Coalition of the Fringes will only escalate.”

What we got here is failure too assimilate…some groups…you just can’t reach.

It's Not Cops Shooting Unarmed Black Men, It's Immigrant Store Employees

Don’t kill him it’s just a beer.

“What We've Got Here is Failure to Communicate” – Cool Hand Luke (1967)

Murderbowl Update.

News on Harm City’s ‘non-lethal league’. Unfortunately many of the hoodrats are not getting with the spirit of the movement. When hit with paintballs they retaliate with real bullets. Because, quite naturally, they feel dissed by the prank. Such a feeling can only be expunged through bloodshed.

Nationwide Paintball Wars Causing Concern For Baltimore Police

Vibrant Diversity Update.

"Jenna Wirch, 26, an Indigenous woman from Winnipeg and a community development worker at IRCOM, works with both communities. She is also the youth engagement coordinator for Aboriginal Youth Opportunities, an organization working in Winnipeg’s North End…”

“It’s further colonization,” Wirch said of refugee resettlement. “We [Indigenous people] are further being displaced from our lands, from our food, from our waters. And it’s wrong.”

….Wirch understands the resentment this generates, but argues that the two communities cannot allow themselves to become “pitted against each other” by the actions of the government. Their shared colonial history is one area of common ground: “Damn, we’ve all been colonized by the British,” she said.”

Canada: Conflicts revealed between Indigenous people and refugees

Thriving in Bad Places

Kindle Edition

When You're Food: Raw:

A Fighter’s View of Predatory Aggression: The Forever Autumn Press Edition

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