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Toxic Masculinity?
A Man Question from Gerald

“James I have your boxing books—very useful. Not into philosophy, but I have been present three times in the past two days while my wife was watching a TV show in which female characters snarl about “toxic masculinity.”

I need to bone up on this if it’s the next war. What are your books on masculinity?


Gerald, never fear, toxic masculinity is one of my specialties.

In order of publication date I have written:

-Taboo You

-The Third Eye*

-Incubus of Your Sacred Emasculation*

-At the End of Masculine Time*

-*Collected in Under the God of Things

-Of Lions and Men

-Masculine Axis

-Man Gearing [due out summer 2018]

-Honor Among Men [due out summer 2018]

-Barbarism vs Civilization [due out Autumn 2018]

I am currently writing:

Within the Reduction Engine [planning on finishing this in 2019]

Under the God of Things

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