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Within the Reduction Engine
The Masculine Mind under the High Heels of Modernity

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In Postmodern America, men who do not reject the values of their forefathers are regarded as “toxic” to the media state. Within the Reduction Engine is focused on the plight of the masculine character under a system that demands boys be raised as neutered drug addicts, sissies or even surgically altered to better conform to the ascendant hyper-feminine ethos and reduces the man to grease for the gears of the machine which is dedicated to his destruction.

The author, heathen, barbarism advocate, toxically masculine jerk and dissident writer, claims that civilization itself is a system that has nearly achieved its goal, the eradication of masculinity and that we are in an endgame stage of emasculation. Most readers will disagree, but might still be interested in peering into the workings of a society in which men are constantly manipulated into working, playing, socializing and even thinking in a manner that decreases their agency and autonomy to the point where men who hold unpopular views must hide behind an alias to avoid total ruin and are reminded from cradle to grave that being a man is intrinsically bad.

Under the God of Things

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BobJune 7, 2018 9:49 PM UTC

The secular decline in serum testosterone among American men should be of concern. As far as I know there's insufficient data for longitudinal studies on Third World populations, but I suspect this affects developed nations more.