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'Would You Coach a Wife-Beater?’
A Babe-Question from Mary Biscotti

Mary: “Would you coach a wife-beater?”

James: “I have no concern with other people’s relationships, zero. I am barely concerned with my own relationships, just ask my former and current girlfriends [this statement should hold for my entire life.] Now, if it’s a woman of my family, the guy gets all of his fingers and both of his ankles broken. That is the sentence. It is up to the woman’s men to enforce her safety.”

Mary: “Okay, but what if you saw a man hit his wife—or girlfriend—what would you do then?”

James: “If it was at a social function, I’d tell him, ‘Not in front of me,’ and if it continued I’d decline further social meetings.”

Mary: “Okay, what about at the gym?”

James: “That would get him boosted out of my training circle. My late great coach, Frank Gilbert, did this to a former pro fighter not long ago when he called a women boxer a bitch.”

Mary: “So your relationship with your fighters is sacred to you?”

James: “Absolutely.”


I believe in few things, but I believe that the only road to decency is masculinity and the only road to masculinity is finding the truth about yourself and re-forging it in combat. For any society to succeed in turning people into moral automatons, it must first reduce and alienate its masculine elements, which, up until now, has resulted in the implosion of that society and its replacement or rejuvenation.

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jacobJune 8, 2018 1:59 AM UTC

James, how was it in the ancient world (roman, greek), regarding beating women? Don't you think it's double standards that women want equality yet the protection of men?
responds:June 8, 2018 9:17 AM UTC

This will have to be an article, Jacob, thanks.