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Sanctioned Bare Knuckle Fights
News and Views from the Resurrection of the Manly Art in Wyoming

James, this was the bare knuckle fighting championships on pay per view last week they are going to have another one in September.

Take care.

Big Ron


Here is the fight of the night from last weeks first sanctioned bare knuckle pay per view. Enjoy.

BKFC 1: Joey Beltran vs Tony Lopez

Lopez should try stick fighting! What a heart that guys has.

I really like the round ring, the scratch marks and the wide apron for the trainers and the babes. I wish they had not put women into this also. The fact that they let them hit in the clinch and hit in chancery [with the hand on the back of the head] is really authentic. It doesn't look like they are allowing throws though. Thanks, guys.

The Punishing Art

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