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Disarming America
A Radio Free Dindustan Report

Civilian Disarmament Update.

New Jersey and Gun Control

Anarcho-Tyranny Update

Interesting article on black market DIY gun manufacture in OZ. Yeah, the author is right. The guns produced don’t look anything like a TEC-9. Not like the ones being made in Montreal. The ones from Down Under look like a ‘Luty’.

Australian ‘Secret Gun Factory’ Produces 3D Printed Parts

Machine guns, drugs — inside the Gold Coast’s secret gun factory

Weapons as Political Protest: P.A. Luty’s Submachine Gun

Clandestine Machine Pistol Factory in Canada Product Circulating


Denver Police investigating accidental shooting from gun of an off-duty FBI agent

FBI agents have a reputation for being a little…stiff. Well, not Special Agent Swagdaddy McSpaghettilegs as seen in this video, who had a negligent discharge after some zesty dance moves dislodged his piece. (NOTE: right now, everything herein is “alleged” at the time of writing: See here for the full story:

Before we get to the gun-related discussion, let’s address the fly-ass elephant in the room – that footwork was absolutely sick. This was a scene straight out of a Coen brothers film. This never happens in real life. This guy got the dance floor to part like the Red Sea to his cavorting, gyrating Moses, and it was his time to shine. And shine he did. I personally guarantee you that half-to-all of the women in that crowd were getting ready to cuff this agent as soon as that exclamation point of a backflip landed and he figuratively served everyone in vicinity of the Mile High Spirits dance floor.

Ah, but the brightest lights fade the fastest. The very moment that Field Agent Funkyfeet perfectly completes his sequence and sends the crowd into an uproar – *boop*: His pistol drops out of his IWB holster mid-flip. Was this bad? Yes. Was it a big deal? Maybe. But it became instant sobriety for everyone in the room when Deputy Director Dirk Diggler hastily tried to retrieve his gun as if he grabbed it fast enough, no one would notice that a Glock literally fell out of his asscrack while he was setting the dance floor on fire. Then it became a problem – a negligent discharge. Oops.

(Note: I am assuming it’s an FBI-issued Glock 19M just because I am a Glock enthusiast and want to believe that it was.)

So, unfortunately, this guy who seems like a hell of a good time is going to get called in by his superiors on Monday. They will review this footage and try to keep a straight face when they watch it with him and explain his termination, suspension, and/or demotion.

They might explain to him that it could be a bad idea to bring a gun to a bar, even if you can. Note that FBI agents can carry a gun anytime, anywhere, as long as no alcohol consumption is involved. But if you do bring your service pistol to said bar, you need to not do backflips if you are carrying it inside the waistband. Classic rookie move right there. And if you must backflip while carrying a gun in a bar, make sure that you are using a holster that has retention that’s as positive as your attitude and tighter than your hustle. And even if you must backflip while carrying a gun in a bar and without a securely fastened holster with positive retention and your gun falls out of your pants, slowly, patiently retrieve your pistol so you can avoid shooting some poor schmuck in the leg. This is the golden rule of b-boy concealed carry. (Right, Adam S.?) Not only did you just emasculate that guy by absolutely mancrushing the floor to his face, but you deprived him of his ability of ever serving you back, and that’s a tragedy.

Be careful out there, you hotstepping hooligans.

Hat tip and a backflip to Luke (IG handle @lrm8811) for sending this bundle of joy to us.

Gun Control Fail: Shooting Attacks Rock Australia, London

Murderbowl Update – International League

“And things in London are only expected to get worse throughout the summer. Dr. Martin Griffiths, a leading surgeon at the Royal London Hospital in east London, informed the Times that “treating children with knife and gunshot wounds had become ‘the bread and butter’ of his work,” and he only expects it to get worse as the temperatures rise.”

Gun Control Fail: Shooting Attacks Rock Australia, London

Youth violence will bring a summer of carnage, warns surgeon Martin Griffiths

‘Gun Control’ in Action: Driver Riddled with Bullets in ‘Machine Gun’ Attack in Khan’s London


What is Coming to America

Shithole Update.

“These guys didn’t hesitate to kill. They basically murdered both of them.”

Botched robbery, eh? Of course. The perpetrators didn’t mean to kill when they realized they had needed to eliminate all the witnesses to their crime. It just worked out that way, didn’t it?

“Thus speaketh the red judge: "Why did this criminal commit murder? He meant to rob." I tell you, however, that his soul wanted blood, not booty: he thirsted for the happiness of the knife!”

-Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900, “Thus Spake Zarathustra”.

American couple shot dead in Mexico home in apparent botched robbery, official says

Son of a Lesser God



The Mind of Mescaline Franklin

The Awakening of a Paleface Ethnocist

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