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The Good, The Bad,
and the Doggy By American Psycho

The good, a return of bare knuckle fighting good old USA style:

The bad:

There is so much that could be put here I will leave it up to James to choose his tasty item of the day, freshly caught, raw and wriggling:

And, the doggy; a university academic who fucked his male dog, and got caught with his hand in the biscuit jar:

Oh, yes, plenty of shit is going down on our campuses, or should I say, “campussies”

The universities are expensive childcare centers, increasingly populated on the staff side by pedos, and on the student side by commos. There are better ways of educating the young in this online world. Utilitarian subjects like medicine are best taught in hospitals; law in law societies with plenty of practical work, and engineering by engineering institutes. Womyn’s Studies, Queer Studies, Sociology, Philosophy and the entire grab bag of Humanities Arts Farts subjects must be eliminated totally. Academics from these fields should only have available pick and shovel road work.

It is time to close the universities down. Let us get going an international movement to end the universities, which are largely responsible for the creation of all the pc bs we battle.

Turd America

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BobJune 8, 2018 8:26 PM UTC

Bubbles always pop.