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Law and Order
Our Deepest Civilized Notion

Law and Order are necessary notions for the children of a people who have been deprived of the means to defend and avenge themselves.

Law and Order are the hideously conjoined stuffed animals given to us in our cradles as consolation prizes at the carnival of lies that is civilization.

Ideally, from the perspective of the system, criminals will evolve to the point where they use the law against their victims. In such a setting the victims will mostly support bigger government and will limit their non productive activities.

Ideally, from the perspective of the system, behavioral norms will no longer be enforced by the system but by private interests in a tabooing and ostracism ritual adopted by corporate entities which fund their own operations, freeing State forces to do what they do best, apply force and complete the monopoly of violence, effectively prohibiting all violence accept that perpetrated by the State and by state-supported criminal entities. This is inevitable as criminals gain great experience with dealing with law enforcement, making criminals hard targets compared to non-criminal citizens. It also ensures that the criminal is many times more agile in matters of criminal law than the citizen, most of whom cannot afford effective legal counsel.

Hence, law and order, and the notion thereof, is the vector by which Civilization cultivates and invites feral barbarism into its own heart to feast on its own subjects. This is what sustains the system of anarcho-tryanny, which is the civilized end game, leading inevitably to its own collapse.

Recent examples include two ebony murder suspects in Towson, Maryland being released without bail for a multiple-murder, while down town in the City a U.S. Combat veteran, whose bike skidded on an oil stain and bumped into an old lady’s sedan, was hit with 10,000 bond, as he said, “Because I’m white.”

In another recent incident, an outlaw biker assaulted a friend of mine who slapped a simple joint lock on him. Before my friend pulled away from the scene the dirty biker was calling his lawyer and then came a law suit for pain and suffering at the hands of a martial artist half the size of the criminal aggressor.

We must realize that what law and order means is tolerance of crime and criminals and intolerance of civilian resistance against violent criminals. Make no mistake, in any large metropolitan area or any dying industrial city, the cops are the criminal back up squad. Our survival doctrines must match this reality, a reality coming to a place near you.

Alienation Nation: Surviving Cultural Free Fall

Son of a Lesser God



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jacobJune 10, 2018 12:59 AM UTC

Would be interesting to hear about how police in the antique world operated (rome, greece) and how police developed in usa. Here in sweden police really started (modern police) in the 1850's, I suspect the industrialization is the key cause. With industrialization came schools (kids were homeschooled before), factory work, alkoholism (men were drunk 24/7 because life were hell), crowded filthy city life.
BobJune 10, 2018 12:09 AM UTC

Here's the coup de grâce for Big Brother's little brother, Tommy:

Hilarious that supporters rationalize or excuse his fraud conviction:

"Passing sentence, the judge told him: 'This was an operation which was fraudulent from the outset and involved a significant amount of forward planning.'

He described Robinson as a 'fixer' who had introduced others to fraudulent mortgage broker Deborah Rothschild."
Sam J.June 9, 2018 9:07 PM UTC

I said a while ago that the only way to deal with this is guerilla war against the criminal class. As such the only way to do so is as a lone individual to escape the agents of the State.

It's a shame because it will also mean that many who had nothing to do with...whatever will be in the path of the righteous but that can't be helped. Much like the village in Vietnam that they destroyed to save it.
BobJune 9, 2018 5:39 AM UTC

On "Partners with the Community", recently released footage from the Mandalay Bay Hotel is interesting in light of the monumentally high number of dead and wounded officially reported.
BobJune 8, 2018 10:32 PM UTC

Of course. "Who judges the judges?"