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Right Wing Do-Gooders
Living in the Shadow of the Migrant Crisis: Part 6 by Teutonic Fist
Modernity and affluence and peace combined have a weird way to fuck with people’s emotional condition. The more people are distanced from violence the more likely they are to get traumatized. This condition affects a culture as a whole. The new Right is just as much affected as the Left and they even have the same causes and methods in pursuing these causes.
Both movements try to orchestrate themselves as a grievance cause. The Left may have bleeding heart causes for fair trade farmers in Peru or elsewhere and the genocide of some pissant amazon tribe, the right has their bleeding heart for white farmers in South Africa and white genocide. It’s always a veil for their own emotional disturbance and their inability to accept the reality of life and the world itself. Even if the Right wing causes get spiced up by the sweet irony of having some disadvantaged white guy getting really concerned and wanting to give money for a landowning baron class on the other side of the world that get now picked up one by one because they refused to settle in Villages and all wanted to be their own little Calvinistic, Abrahamic patriarchy.
Their genocide is the genocide of young females wasting away in schools and make-work jobs, maybe having one baby in five years or so after getting another cat, while the diabetes-sickened South American native at least can say his culture is not just under siege metaphorically, but where death squads and guns for hire sneak around his village looking for gold and nipping away members of his tribe leaving them in unmarked graves. Both movements are even anti-war, which makes it even more ironic, when members of Right Wing organizations that adorn themselves in Spartan symbols and talk about European identity facing off against the forces of Islam and all that protest against European and NATO military actions in Northern Africa and the Middle East.
These Right Wingers are simply emotional reactionaries and not revolutionaries. Their emotional reactions are not so different from 'No gunz' Goblin crying "make it stop" while in the contrary to that the revolutionary will always be in the attack mode. These young white men who carry tikki torches in Charlottesville couldn't be more different from Brown Shirt Stormtroopers they are trying to resemble. The Stormtroopers always understood themselves as a revolutionary force and not as a restorative force. They saw the reaction as their enemy, the system as their enemy, while the Right Winger of today still thinks that the system, the law, is supposed to be on his side, when it’s not, and they can't see the huge potential of this.
The Left basically occupied the culture and society, the polis as the Greeks would say, with their bizarre anti-establishment establishment cast and cast out the most creative people there are, kicking them out of the polis, setting themselves under siege while doing so. Because they didn't go anywhere. They put up little siege camps everywhere without realizing it at first. But many of them now get that and start hurling rotten carcasses, or more accurately frogs, over the walls of the (now enemy) settlement, but too many still can't face the reality of that situation and actually wanna go back into the besieged, degenerate settlement to live that doomed existence maybe 20, 30 or 50 years earlier when its doom wasn't so obvious and you could enjoy your Soma because this time it would be your flavor of soma. But that is not possible. Now we need more polarization and more escalation and you were even blessed with two presidents in a row who make political debate impossible and polarize society.
A Right Wing revolution isn't a fucking social worker congress to ensure you get a girlfriend and everyone lives happy ever after. So start hurling oil and manure over the walls and stop being a captain save-a-hoe.
Paleface Sunset: A Guide to Cultural Resistance in the Age of Felonious
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Hugh MaguireJune 17, 2018 4:13 PM UTC

Let’s flesh out this right wing revolution a bit more. I’m intrigued.
PRJune 12, 2018 12:02 PM UTC

This post makes some great points but reeks of German nihilism. Why not read the gospel of Mark and try to find some hope?