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Of Dogs and Men
Jacob Asks: What Do You Think of Police Arresting Procedures?

Was watching a cop video and it was fascinating how they operate.

At 7:59 you can hear a woman say that the police chief is the biggest faggot, she then gets arrested.

The whole clip is interesting. I didn’t see any fit police they were all overweight

Olmos Park Open Carry - Tazered and Arrested Full Video


Jacob, thanks for this opportunity.

Police are the dogs of men, the baying hounds of the dehumanized state, at the throats of whoever they wish so long as those folks are approved government or media targets. Right now the government and media agree on the fact that gun ownership is evil. Currently the government and media disagree on what kind of unarmed citizens should be targeted, with government preference for locking up blacks still holding on in many areas, even as, in some municipalities, the local judiciary is ejecting as many violent blacks onto the streets as possible while whites cannot get fair jury trials, balanced sentencing or public defense [for the latter clause, see Charlottesville, Portland, Seattle & Baltimore in recent years unless they are police officers with Union Lawyers].

The old time term for such men was always “dog” as exemplified in the various Robert E. Howard pulp fantasies, in which the heroes are always totemically likened to lions, tigers, panthers or wolves among lesser masculine functionaries, who are almost always likened to dogs. The metaphor holds well, as a dog is a thoroughly enslaved, domesticated being easily frightened by his master and easily set upon those who his master holds in malice, such as was the habit of Anglo-Irish and Anglo-American slave masters in Plantation Ireland and Plantation America. [See the story of Jemmy Angelsey in Birthright, by A Roger Ekirch.] This metaphor is incredibly internalized by urban Americans of all races who literally worship the slather-jawed image of the pitbull. Police are quite literally the dogs of men.

Jacob, we call them PIGS in the U.S.A. for a reason. These are the bullies of the elite. The lie emblazoned on most of the vehicles which proclaims that they protect and serve, can only be believed if we understand it to mean protecting and serving our vampiric masters.

Note the extreme fear and bluster by most of the cops, especially the fat cops who can’t see their own cocks every time they piss to remind themselves that they are not yet Hel’s Crones. Jacob, take it from me, nothing is more disturbing than a terrified cop with a visceral need to control a better man looking at you like you are the most terrifying thing he could ever face—a mirror.

I am as afraid of the police every bit as much as the hunters I met out west are of grizzly bears—something too big to stop, with a match-light temper, extremely limited language capacity, and a visceral need to dominate the portion of their habitat we trespass upon. The most frightening thing about the prospect of a slow American economic decline is the fact that these thugs in blue are even now refocusing and retooling their limitless animosity from their previous role of terrorizing black Americans to their future role of terrorizing white Americans. In the meantime they’re going after everyone as most of America remains caught in the recently supplanted blue-on-black paradigm.

Listen up, Muricans, I guaran-fucking-tee that within the lifetime of many of you reading this that local, state and federal police, along with military contractors, BLM, MS-13, the BGF, and numerous other Latino, Somali and Chinese cartels will be kicking in the doors of American homes, killing the men, abducting the children, raping the women and looting the contents. The greatest store of consumer value in this teaming world of predatory apes are the property of U.S. citizens, who will be the flesh for the End Time feast for the global beast.

I truly can’t imagine playing this open carry game. I have seen about 20 of these videos by citizen’s rights groups and they mostly end the same, with the man losing his gun and getting roughed up and carted off. Count me as surprised if no one has been gunned down during one of these exemplar protest operations. These are teams of at the very least 3 individuals working in concert to film police exceeding their jurisdiction and shitting on the sacred document that we supposedly worship and they supposedly uphold.

The U.S. Constitution is like the brochure for an employment agency that books first time models for their breakthrough photoshoot and the police are like the Israeli gangsters that answer the door of the studio that turns out to be a transshipment dungeon on the Jersey waterfront.

Jacob, the U.S. government and subordinate municipalities commits more violence upon its own citizens than most modern governments, with certain periods in the Soviet Union, China, El Salvador, Cambodia and possibly a select few other shithole nations standing as rare temporary exceptions. I literally know dozens of men who have been worked over by the pigs in Baltimore alone.

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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BobJune 23, 2018 9:33 PM UTC

This is a good clip showing police inadequacy in unarmed combat:
jacobJune 14, 2018 7:24 AM UTC

russia isnt any better
Glasgow NedJune 13, 2018 2:17 PM UTC

Interesting story about Mitch 'Blood' Green
jacobJune 13, 2018 10:33 AM UTC

Great text James, you know my first instinct was to say that cops arent that bad what about these goverment workers or social workers they do alot of damage too.

My brainwashing is real.
BobJune 13, 2018 3:20 AM UTC

It's not well understood that the Soviet authorities only really policed dissidents; otherwise gangs ruled, ignored by, or in league with, the police.

In the gulags, interned gang bosses refused to work and could torture, kill or rape at their pleasure. Black markets allowed the country to survive and ensured corruption was endemic and fear of betrayal ever-present. (Drawings, by the way, not from an internee, but an employee).
BobJune 13, 2018 2:26 AM UTC

Trump's widely applauded waterboarding comment augurs ill for the future.
BobJune 13, 2018 2:00 AM UTC

Yep. Wait for the first televised drone strike on a domestic target.