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Does This Apply to Female Self-Defense?

“James, you write that pocketing the hand from a weapon or even to infer one has a weapon is advisable for men, but, what about women? We don’t have a lot of pockets, generally and I’d like to have my hands free to defend myself.”

-Gina C.

Gina, I do not recommend anyone act as if they have a weapon unless they are a professional actor. I have derailed numerous attacks on my person by going to the pocket for a weapon, even a really poor weapon. What is important is it is conceived of as a weapon in your mind, even if it is just a door key. I do not recommend pocketing for women, for three reasons:

1. Women are not framed as aggressors in the criminal mind and it will be assumed you are reaching for a breath mint, smart phone, cuddle-bear ring or other such innocuous item.

2. You probably don’t have pockets as your clothing is meant to display, enhance or conceal your body for mating purposes, depending on your build.

3. Women are slower of hand then men by a greater margin than they are slower of foot.

A woman needs a weapon in hand:

A hand umbrella

A short stick, pipe or bar

A rolled up magazine—knock his teeth down his throat with the latest issue of Cosmo.

Gina, as you have correctly noted, I write for men and I also coach for men. I don’t think women’s self-defense is my rightful place. It is useful though, to stretch my brain further than I’m comfortable with. So thanks for the exercise.

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