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‘Part of the Freddie Grey Loot’
Bwanna Cop Cries on the Stand

As I finish Volume 8 it is becoming difficult for me NOT to notice the linkage between Plantation America and Media America. Our current police and corrections officers are the direct descendants of the Plantation Era gaoler who ran for profit kidnapping operations in every county in Plantation America, just as the bondsman is the lineal descendant of the slave catcher. Every American city is prowled by thugs in blue with the powers to incarcerate us on a whim.

Wayne Jenkins, ivory ringleader of the seven ebony thug cops who terrorized Baltimore from 2013 through late 2016, claimed on the stand that the has read the Bible has found God and repents for his crimes. Based on the known, low-IQ of two of the ebony thug cops the sentences fell most heavily on His Pale Agency.

Jenkins got 25 years in federal prison.

His chief askari got 18 years in federal prison.

The lesser askaris got 7 years for singing like canaries to the colonial authorities.

Among some of the shocking revelations were:

-These seven dirty pigs participated in the Freddie Grey Purge, looting pharmacies, crimes, though the professional break-in crews were on security footage, which the Baltimore Police Department categorically refused to investigate.

-Staging home invasions across Baltimore City.

-Conducting street robberies and extortion.

-Going out of their jurisdiction, posing as DEA agents and conducting bandit operations on suspected drug dealers and users.

The fascinating aspect is the light sentence for the ring-leader. Normally, when a civilian non-cop is tried for such crimes, every time he is known to have used a firearm in the course of a crime, he gets an additional sentence for every time he used a firearm in the course of a felony. This asshole should be doing over 1,000 years.

According to a BPD detective who recently left the force informed me this weekend that he was approached by this ring of cop thugs [which he insisted is larger than the seven indictees and includes a female cop who was every bit as vicious and dirty as Jenkins] and that he knew Jenkins and his crew [probably only one of three such crews] are part of an ongoing operation supervised by some crooked federal law enforcement. For instance, my source points out that Jenkins’ wife, a nurse, a job typically paying more than a police officer, quit her job as they drove escalades and took two week vacations around the world while Jenkins logged that time as overtime!

And got paid.

How could the Harm City PD paymasters not know about this asshole?

This whole thing must be older, bigger, deeper and broader than what the media state is proclaiming. Indeed, my source claims that Jenkins probably got such a light sentence based on a deal to cooperate with a higher investigation. No matter whether he was just an NCO in the War on the American People which we falsely believe is The War on Drugs, he has served his purpose. Even his trial and conviction served the greater purpose of sucking wealth out of the chattel of middle-class America and funneling it into the media plantation economy.

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BobJune 13, 2018 11:30 PM UTC

Media plantation economy. That's going into my lexicon. Thanks.