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THOT Patrol
Teutonic Fist: Living in the Shadow of the Migrant Crisis Part 7
That stuff is Dutch. But I don't understand a single word of it:
Otherwise I recognize that the patience of the average police officer over the last two years grows very thin when they have to handle females. I talked to a cop I know and the most calls, like 20% of an overall 100% of a mixed bag, are domestic violence situation where the neurotic female attacks the male, and because of her inferior body strength she’s quick to use objects.
Police duty is really not conducive for your mental development and that’s just great. I want these guy’s lives as miserable as possible to the point where they form Brazil-style death squads and take the law in their own hand, or to use another expression, take the law back to the people and their hostile feeling of handing down quick sentences.
Also, yesterday I saw a group of third or at least second generation Arab girls going to town and... oh boy I understand why Arabs beat their females. If you thought the Brits where loud and irritating, you have another thing coming. I remember back when I read "23 years - the Career of the Prophet Mohammed" by Ali Dashti and how he described the Arab female as this constantly nagging bitch. And to be honest, the more you go south in Europe the worse it gets with nagging females, especially the end of Italy’s boot.
Its like this scene from the Godfather where they wreck their home in this "Carlo beats up Connie" scene all over again.
Drop the fucking bomb on this continent.
A Once Great Medieval City: 2016: Impressions of Baltimore Maryland
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jacobJune 15, 2018 11:15 AM UTC

Its getting a bit ridiculous reading this, its just drivel if you ask me.

"the more you go south in Europe the worse it gets with nagging females"

dont think you have ever met a southern italian otherwise you wouldnt have that claim.

Being an emo when you are an adult just becomes gay.
BobJune 14, 2018 8:45 PM UTC

The true nihilist doesn't write. What's the point, self-indulgent catharsis? Suicide is the solution.