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At the Murder Bowl
With Jeremy Bentham and Manny Saprano

Vibrant Diversity Update

“Violación, Control, Muerte.” (“Rape, Control, Kill.”)

MS-13 Gang Infests Maryland Middle School

Parents, teachers, students fear gang activity at Maryland middle school

What to Know About the MS-13 Street Gang

Good news on he overseas draft front

Vibrant Diversity Update.

“Regardless of how Democrats and the Leftmedia portray the issue of illegal immigration, it is first and foremost a crime problem. And the fact is that Democrats, with their sanctuary city policies, are guilty of aiding and abetting criminals. And as this DOJ report demonstrates, Trump’s rhetoric on the problem is much closer to reality on the ground than that of the MSM and Democrats.”

Illegal Immigration Is a Major Crime Problem

A new DOJ report reveals that one out of five individuals in federal prisons is an illegal alien.

Murderbowl Update – International League.

Murder in the streets in Canada! Where nothing bad ever happens.

Boy, 13, faces murder charge after cyclist run down, stabbed

THE NEW NORMAL? Recapping a Murderous May in Toronto – Toronto Sun

Murderbowl Update – International League.

Children shot in playground in Toronto.

2 girls shot in playground 'quiet and friendly': Babysitter

Murderbowl Update – International League.

Road rage in Canada.

‘HIT ME, HIT ME’: Road-rage showdown turned deadly

2 shooters 20 hits 0 kills. No telling how many shots fired. Trenton’s hoodrats should be ashamed. This may be a new low in shitty marksmanship.


The Boned Zone: Surviving Urban Predation

Don't Get Boned: The Harm City Handbook

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