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Blood on the Blackboard
A Radio Free Dindustan Murica Report

Race War Update.

“Your skin is your uniform.”

-Vox Day 06/05/2016

“Tribalism, it’s always worth remembering, is not one aspect of human experience. It’s the default human experience.”

-Andrew Sullivan, Columnist, 2017

“And this is why identity politics are the new normal in America. There is no returning from this, because demographics is destiny.”

– Vox Day, January 05, 2017

The ‘Southern Poverty Law Center” (SPLC): the hedge fund that masquerades as a civil rights organization. The SPLC is proof that there is lots of money to be made in ‘not for profit’ organizations (do not imagine for a moment that the officers and employees of said organizations do not receive generous compensation for their noble work). The SPLC started out making a fortune for its founders by way of predatory lawsuits intended to bankrupt ‘white supremacist’ organizations. It continues to make money promulgating fake news about the spread of ‘right-wing hate groups'. This helps the SPLC solicit donations from well-heeled Leftists, which it can then use as investment capitol, to continue to finance its good works on behalf of racial equality and harmony, of course. The SPLC’s latest fake news is that the epidemic of black on white crime across the land is not happening. Who are you going to believe, the SPLC or your lying eyes? Certainly not Colin Flaherty, eh?

Ain’t no ‘white supremacists’ here! Just us middle and working class white folks who sincerely wish to avoid getting our asses beat whenever we go out in public by angry, violent mobs of people who have been taught by the Globalist Left to hate us because of our skin color. The real ‘white supremacists’ are non-whites (not to mention Globalist Left itself). They imagine white people to be some kind of magic creatures with powerful ‘ju-ju’. The “Masters of the Universe” and therefore responsible for any and all misfortunes that have befallen non-whites. The Globalists are deliberately setting the races against each other, naturally. Divide and conquer, ‘why don’t you and him fight’, ‘Anrcho-Tyranny’ and ‘collapse the system’ type strategies have worked very well for the Left in the past. At the same time it doesn’t seem like a significant portion of the black community needed all that much encouragement to attack vulnerable whites, does it?

“In Chicago, this year’s sport is riding the subway to that city’s nicest neighborhoods and attacking white people. Local news calls the hundreds of black perps “teens” and pretend there are no dots to connect. Cops at the Second City Blog site don’t have problem saying what they see on the streets—but never in Chicago’s legacy media: Black crime is out of control and spreading.”

“It's not hard to find similar violence and denial in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Brooklyn, New Orleans, and hundreds of other Chocolate Cities. And let’s not forget Des Moines (Beat Whitey Night!), Cedar Rapids, Omaha, Springfield, (Missouri or Illinois or Ohio, it does not matter), and lots of other cities in the Heartland where people used to think they were safe to the point of boredom. Not anymore.”

“Now they wonder what happened to their once peaceful towns. And why so many people pretend black crime is not ruining yet another city. And why they have to go along with this delusion.”

“As long as SPLC keeps reassuring them, news directors will keep ignoring increasingly insistent emails from more and more viewers asking the same question: How can you be in such denial, deceit, and delusion about the pattern of black crime and violence we see on your channel every night?”

SPLC Exposes Epidemic of Nonexistent White-on-Black Violence – By Colin Flaherty

The Biggest Lie in the White Supremacist Propaganda Playbook: Unraveling the Truth About ‘Black-on-White Crime' - SPLC‘black-white-crime

Routine Activity Theory

Colin Flaherty: Leftist Not High and Mighty When They are Targeted

Second City Cop - Twitter

Second City Cop Blog

Shithole Update.

Nice restaurants, but too many crazy homeless people.

'Am I in the bad part of town?' Tourists shocked by what they see on San Francisco streets

Barbarism Vs. Civilization Update.

The Bronx Hunter

Missoula, Mont. —-( Imagine driving 40 miles through the heart of America’s largest city just to hunt a miniscule 7-acre plot of land. To participate, that is reality for bow hunter Blake Mannion who lives in the heart of the Bronx, the northernmost of New York City’s five boroughs.

Civil War Update.

“Trump’s supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. They probably didn’t watch the debates, aren’t fully educated on his policies, and are stupidly wrapped up in his unmerited enthusiasm.”

Unidentified FBI Agent, Text message Exchange Capture, FBI Inspector General (IG) Report on the Russian Collusion Investigation.

I believe we are going to see more of this. If California splits up we will see other states follow suit as the ‘red’ rural areas separate themselves from the ‘blue’ metropolitan areas. The ‘irreconcilable differences’ between the Globalist Left/Deep State and the American Patriots make some sort of ‘national divorce’ all but inevitable. This could remain at state, creating more new states from out of the currently existing 50, or it could snowball and result in the breakup of the United sates into completely separate countries. America and Not-America.

“A new proposal to break up California into three states received enough signatures on Tuesday to make it onto the November 6 ballot. Now all it takes is a majority of California voters supporting it to start dismantling the country's most populous, wealthy and radical state.”

“The Los Angeles Times provides some more details on what would be "the first division of an existing U.S. state since the creation of West virginia in 1863"

Referendum To Split California Into 3 States Gets On Ballot. Here's What The New Californias Would Look Like.

VisionsofAmerica/Joe Sohm/Getty Images

Retired Ghetto Grocer Update.

“Surveyors complained mostly about grocery stores with too few checkout lanes and long lines, congested aisles, too few food choices, and a poor selection of local products. Some of the worst offenders include Target, Aldi, and Stop and Shop. But the worst of the worst, according to survey results, is Walmart.”

“The discount chain store undoubtedly has competitive pricing. In fact, that’s the one category where Walmart was highly ranked. The low overall ranking, however, stems from low rankings in seven out of 12 possible categories. This includes cleanliness, staff courtesy, checkout speed, produce and meat quality, and local produce selection.”

The Grocery Store with the Worst Reputation in America

Grocery Gripes: Supermarkets With the Most and Least Complaints

12 Craziest Things Walmart Employees Have Seen at Work (And you thought YOU had a bad day?)

Race War / Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

“Blood on the Blackboard!”

“When you get to about third grade it gets serious.”

Violence against public school teachers is not just happening in Baltimore County. It is occurring nationwide. It is being perpetrated predominately by black students. School districts have been enjoined by the federal government to NOT discipline black students more than non-black students, even if this disparity is happening because blacks misbehave more often and to a greater degree than non-blacks, because that would be considered racist just on the face of it. Consequently egregious criminal behavior is being tolerated in America’s public schools. As Ken Gividen observed, sending a white student to a black majority school is child abuse.

Crime and violence is being seriously under-reported in the country. Particularly in the major urban areas.

Steve Sailer’s ‘one-point plan’ for how to keep your kids from disliking blacks and Hispanics:

“1. Don`t let your children get beaten up by underclass minorities.”

"It's Wrong, And It's Scary" – Baltimore County Teachers "Frightened" By Spike In Violence

Baltimore County Teachers: Culture of Leniency Leading to Violence

Blood on the Blackboard: Violence Against Teachers in Milwaukee Public Schools (2016) - Pod cast

Race War Update.

Man charged with murder in stabbing death of Oklahoma City man

Thriving in Bad Places

Kindle Edition

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BobJune 19, 2018 6:09 AM UTC

“Your skin is your uniform.” And Morris Dees and his SPLC pals get to wear camo.