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‘Your Caucasian Slavery Work’
A Massive Moral Missive from S. S. Sam

I thought you might enjoy this, The Babylonian Woe by David Astle, 1975, an overview of money and slavery in the past. It was self published and could have used an editor. It’s repetitive in places. I’m sure you can relate…

[One might imagine the primeval forests that once gave pause to the greatest Inca, creaking and rustling under the Andean breeze.]

…I’m waiting for you to publish more of your Caucasian slavery work on paper. I think it’s some of your best and most important work.

-S.S. Sam

The Next Caucasian Slavery Title

Sir, you support is much appreciated and the rare books you have gifted me have been of inestimable value in my exhumation of Plantation America.

The next title up is…

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

A Taboo History of Plantation America

I am 2 weeks from sending this off to the editor and will ask her to place it ahead of the other non-combat books. [Basically, 9 out of 10 of my book sales are about fighting and survival]

While I am away out west I will finish American Spartacus and Crackerboy. When I return in the fall to the home of my slave ancestors I will complete Paleface and The 13th Tribe. The final volume will take another year. After that I will limit publishing on the subject to fiction, using characters located in the research and will place ongoing revelations in the endnotes of the novellas. The only full length Plantation America novel will be Sold, currently in progress and slated for 2019 print release. The rest will be novellas or novelettes.

America in Chains

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