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The Sunset Chronology
SS Sam, In His Chilean Redoubt Inquires about Winter Reading

“Hi James…

…Things are good at the redoubt, staying busy with perimeter patrols, checking the wire, keeping the trenches maintained, that sort of stuff…

[One might imagine heavy water progress being discussed.]

…I’d also like to see a list of your Jay Bracken Sunset books in some kind of chronological order so I can fill in the ones I haven’t got.”

-S.S. Sam

Sunset Saga Chronology

Sam, thank you for keeping a corner of this beleaguered world safe for my pallid and unpopular DNA—which is the theme of the Sunset Saga, fabricated human time hunters raiding the past for extinct DNA to fill the trophy vaults of the last organic man.


Out of Time [novella]

-Book 1

1. Big Water Blood Song [novel]

The Three-Rivers Event

2. Ghosts of the Sunset World [novel]

The Three-Rivers Event

-Side Story

This Design is Called Paisley [novelette]

-Book 2

1. The World is Our Widow [novel]

The Burton Event

2. Beyond the Ember Star [novel]

The Neanderthal Event

3. Comes the Six Winter Night [novella & shorts]

The Bottleneck Event

4. Thunderboy [novel]

The Transmogrification of Three-Rivers

-Book 3

1. Behind the Sunset Veil [novel]

The Aristotle Event

2. Den of the Ender [novel]

The Time Feuds

3. God’s Picture Maker [novel]

The Leonardo Event

-Side Story

Organa [novella]

-Book 4 (Conclusion)

1. Seven Moons Deep [novel, in progress since 2012, 95% complete]

The Hunt for Three-Rivers

2. White Sky Canoe [novel, outlined]

The Epiphany of Three-Rivers

Thanks, Sam for inquiring. I have an editor and proofreaders now. So most titles will not see print until 6 months after completion.

The World is Our Widow

Organa: The Malfunction of Tray Sorenson

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