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Bankers Row
Joppa Road, Baltimore County, 10:53 A.M, 6/7/18

I was ambling along the main drag in Inner Whitebreadistan, looking for a bank that would accept foreign currency so I could finally get paid for the past three years worth of overseas sales. If I achieve this I might be able to afford to buy my son a steak dinner.

Then, behind me, as I left the Bank of America, which predictably takes only American currency, I heard the “Blueep” of a police officer signaling for someone to pull over. Confident it wasn’t I, I walked on, only to hear it again, and again and again…

I turned to see an incredible sight.

4 Baltimore County Motorcycle police drove ahead of a police station wagon, followed by a tactical vehicle with goon-suited paramilitary occupants, followed by another police car, followed by two white school buses loaded with men—44 apiece it seemed—in blue uniforms.

These were followed by three more police station wagons and a motorcycle cop, edging there way through red lights, making their way, presumably, from Towson [where there is a county detention center] east, to points unknown.

Were these POWs?

Were these Americans?

These were mixed race men, roughly half ebony and half ivory, some mystery meat.

Imagine the cost of this operation, just moving these men under such conditions must cost more for the day than an American household spends in a year.

I suspect these are prisoners of the largest corrections system in the world, the scion of the Quaker plantation system and English workhouse, an entwined network of municipal, state and federal jails and prisons, which are home to more men [barely] than lived in this slave nation on the year of its monstrous birth.

This moved me to run some numbers. There are some problems with the data collection, with the need to extrapolate whites in bondage as a ratio plucked from behind the curtain of lies that is academic American history. Also, the numbers on the current U.S. policy population are not recently updated by a government body and are presented differently by the advocacy sites I visited. There is also the issue of who is black and white concerning Hispanics. It is a mess. I regard the following as more of an exploratory exercise than any concrete conclusion. For the last book in the Plantation America series I will have a mathematics expert go through the various estimates I have salvaged from the past and extrapolated and try to arrive at a conservative conclusion. It is not easy exhuming and counting the ghosts of millions who went without gravestones and disappeared without a caring hand to write their history.

United States Population, first census

Total population of the U.S. in 1790:


Total free population: 2,587,240

White: 2,528,580

Non-white: 58,660

[These do not include Native Americans, but Negro, Mulatto, Quadroon and Octoroon.]

Total bond population: 1,220,001

White: 525,794 [ 43.1% ]

Non-White: 694,207 [ 56.9% ]

United States Population, *2013:


Incarcerated population: 2,220,300

Parolee population: 853,200 to 922,900 depending on the time of year

According to the Bureau of Justice, for 2013 the prison population was:

Black: 37%

White: 32%

Hispanic: 22%

Mystery meat: 9%

If we compare the modern prison population, which has blacks outnumbering whites by 5% to the slave population of 1790 we have a 14% higher ratio of blacks over whites.

However, the slaves of Plantation America, were not just men but women, and modern America women have come through, with white women more than twice as numerous in the prison population than black women with 49% of the female prison population being white and 22% being black. If we take that 27% and consider that the modern corrections system is geared towards incarcerating men at far higher rates than women, and extrapolate the higher rates of modern white female bondage, to the past, when men and women were enslaved at roughly equal rates, than that brings that overall 5% higher ancient rate and 14% higher modern rate more in line, possibly erasing the illusion that whites have gained any ground on blacks in this dubious sweepstakes.

In the larger picture, however, it seems that America has evolved significantly away from its birth when between a half and a third of all people were actually enslaved. Now only a single digit percent are caged or corralled while the vast majority have chosen the slavery of the mind. It is by far the more advanced society which has convinced its human objects to verily worship their state of abject bondage, to fancy themselves the originators of the false notions implanted mind.


Shockingly, white women make up 49% of the female population and blacks 22%.

The above trends might reflect incarceration for drug sale and possession, as black men are the number one movers of drugs and white women the number one consumers of drugs.

Taking a wider view, in 17th century Plantation Virginia, 90% or more of white females were trafficked, sold on deck to the highest bidder.


1. This population has not been tracked, but intentionally ignored. Enslavement rates among Americans of European descent ranged from 3 in 4 to 1 in 4 depending on the colony and the period. According to Benjamin Franklin’s biographer, Thomas Jay, white enslavement rates were 2 in 4 in Pennsylvania around 1790. This number is most likely low by as much as half.

*The last year prison population is known

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