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Hands of Stone
News for Roberto Duran Fans

Hey James,

Did you see where Roberto Duran Jr made his pro debut last weekend? Having hands of stone must be a genetic trait.

-John Paul Barber

Mister Barber, thanks so much for this heads up.

I’d like to take this chance to mention the Biopic I saw on Netflix about Duran Senior, which I think was titled Hands of Stone.

I saw the first 20 minutes, noting that the pretty boy actor was not ruggedly built enough nor as broad-boned and savage, his aggression coming off as mean instead.

Robert D. played a good Gil Clancy and the mania Duran had for eating after a childhood or starvation was properly focused if overdone.

What convinced me to turn the tube off was the gross misrepresentation of Duran’s life in Panama to reflect some white American SJW fantasy. Duran was shown feeding his family through theft, when he had claimed to feed himself that way. Instead of bagging up produce and running from evil Americans as depicted in the movie, Duran swam to a plantation, feasting in planet of the apes fashion and then swam back. He claimed he gained his endurance after having eaten an entire bunch of bananas and then cramping up and almost drowning swimming back. In the movie Duran, as a boy, is shown gathering fruit from around the Panama Canal Zone and being shot at by U.S. Troops!

I couldn’t watch it any longer, knowing that this man’s lone, heroic struggle with himself and the monstrous world, conducted in one of its darker pits, was being hijacked for another film on how I and people like me, somehow tried to do Duran and every other person with darker skin than an Irishman in, when in reality, he was our working class hero.

The Punishing Art

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BobJune 20, 2018 8:51 AM UTC

R.A.M.'s back! Can't keep a good clip down.