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Mixed Species Martial Arts News

Mixed Species Martial Arts News.

Bonobo/Chimps versus Yeti/Orangs

Race War Update.

What does the future portend for South Africa’s White Tribe? Julius Malema, a Member of SA’s Parliament and the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (or ‘EFF’, a far-left and racial nationalist South African political party), has issued wildly contradictory statements about what he and his followers intend for SA’s whites.

Malema: 'We Have Not Called For The Killing Of White People... At Least For Now'

He cannot 'guarantee' what will happen in the future, the EFF leader said in a recent interview.

Hart County grandmother kills rabid bobcat with bare hands

7-meter-long python swallows Indonesian woman

South Africa's dumbest tourist strokes a LION... and barely escapes with his arm! Terrifying video shows foolhardy safari guest petting the king of the jungle

· Man pets big cat from close range through jeep window which is left wide open

· The lion then turns around and lets off an almighty roar causing tourist to flinch

· Ranger Naas Smit said they were lucky the predator didn't drag him out of the window or tear his arm off

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BobJune 22, 2018 12:23 AM UTC

Henceforth to be known as the Hart County pussy-grabber.
BobJune 22, 2018 12:17 AM UTC

Frenchmen go wild! Cats be still!