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Victim Selection Tutorial
The Latest Murderbowl and Bitchez be Crazy News

Drug War Update.

BC bud for sale! Come this September you’ll be able to take your Soma holiday in the Great White North. Should be a boost to tourism year round, since few of the pot tourists are likely to care about the cold. Come to Canada and get baked this winter!

“Canada is on track to become the first G-7 nation to legalize marijuana, and the second country in the world (after Uruguay), after its Senate approved legislation in a 52-29 vote, paving the way for recreational cannabis to be legally bought and sold within the next few months.”

Canada Becomes Second Country To Legalize Weed

Legal Marijuana Gets Green Light in Canada After Senators Sign Off

Race War Update.

MTA Conductor Sucker-Punched Aboard Q Train: ‘I’m Petrified Right Now To Go Back To Work’

Life in Dindustan Update.

“TMZ reported that authorities alleged the victims were selling marijuana to Williams and Shannon before the suspects pulled out guns and demanded the cannabis.”

A ‘botched robbery’ or a ‘robbery gone bad’, of course.

Three-time Super Bowl winner Erik Williams' son charged with double-murder

Son of Dallas Cowboys Great Charged with Murder

© Provided by Fox News Cassius Shakembe Williams [

Invasion USA Update.

Chaos in California: Sanctuary policies prompt release of manslaughter, rape convicts

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

“Ennui has made more gamblers than avarice, more drunkards than thirst, and perhaps as many suicides as despair.”


White female dope fiend is killed in attempted home invasion robbery in Salt Lake City suburb.

What crime there is in whitebreadsistan America is being committed these days largely by people with expensive drug habits.

“Authorities confirm she has an extensive criminal history including assault, drug crimes, theft and trespassing.”

“John Painter, the president of the homeowners association where the shooting went down, believes the homeowner was justified, and is puzzled that police would think otherwise. “It happens quickly and the fact that someone’s broken into your home in the middle of the night, for you to take a few minutes, and allow them to put deadly force on you, it’s amazing that you have to go through that thought process,” Painter said.”

Utah Homeowner Shoots & Kills Female Home Invader

Homeowner shoots, kills intruder in West Jordan

Homeowner shoots, kills reported burglar in West Jordan

Family of burglary suspect shot, killed by West Jordan homeowner speaks

Anarcho-Tyranny Update

More than 500 guns found, seized from convicted felon in California

Another catastrophic failure in the victim selection process.

Three Would-Be Grocery Store Robbers Picked On The Wrong Couple, Get Bullet Holes For Their Trouble

Second Amendment Update.

Clearly the woman was a ‘MHLF’ and the lad wouldn’t take no for an answer.

However, showing a would-be rapist the muzzle end of a large caliber gun does seem to do an effective job of communicating that your desire to be left unmolested MUST be respected, doesn’t it?

TN Teen Tries to Rape Friend’s Mom at Sleepover, Mom Pulls Pistol

18-year-old Jordan Corter is facing charges of attempted rape and sexual battery after he forced himself on his friend's mom, who pulled a pistol in order to scare him off.

Vibrant Diversity Update.

Yes…Those other customers speaking in a foreign language ARE talking about you.

Some question sign posted at Baltimore Dunkin Donuts store

Sign asks customers to report employees who shout in languages other than English

Second Amendment Update.

“Catastrophic failure in the victim selection process.”

Police say carjacking suspect dead outside Walmart store after armed citizens take action

Civilian shoots, kills gunman at Tumwater Walmart; 2 others hurt

Bystander hailed as hero after killing suspect in spree of violence in Tumwater

Murder Bowl Update/ Harm City News.

“Police said the killing was domestic-related.”

Domestic related? Is that now the catch-all term to be used for a murder committed by a jilted suitor? Otherwise it doesn’t sound like the murderer and victim were cohabitating.

Man charged with murder days after woman found bound in pool of blood

Court records: Woman's friend says suspect was obsessed with victim

Mad World Update.

Ah, the pain of unrequited love…

Teenage girl stabbed 32 times by ex after she began dating someone else

A Once Great Medieval City: 2016: Impressions of Baltimore Maryland

Let the Weak Fall: A Guide to Urban Strife for the Misanthropic Man

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