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Humor and Strength
The Night Shepherd

James! Does someone at The Onion visit the LaFondiverse?


Shep, this is the funniest truth I have read in a while. How far we have fallen into the sissy maw of Civilization.

Notice the two different ways of covering this

Related to the slain BPD Detective?


Shep, when are people going to realize that we are ruled by a shadow government staffed by The Bush Clan, The Clinton Machine, The Mulatto Mafia and the Devil only knows what other covens of fiends. As soon as Trump is done with his experiment in fighting a rigged system I will only write history, fiction and oral history.

Interesting stuff here

The (Physical) Strength of Nations

Here is how the cliodynamician Peter Turchin, in his book War and Peace and War (which I reviewed here), describes the outcomes of different pit-fight scenarios between the Romans and the Gauls: Romans held no physical or technological advantage over the peoples they conquered. An average Roman was smaller and weaker than an average Gaul. […]

Shep, the Romans never claimed to be stronger of body, but of will, particularly a metaphysical cultural will, something far beyond the collective as we know it.

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ShepJune 22, 2018 3:53 PM UTC

Also—I thought the Onion was a humor/satire site. Since when did they start publishing dry non-fiction essays about anthropology?
ShepJune 22, 2018 3:51 PM UTC

Clues about Q.
Sam J.June 21, 2018 8:50 PM UTC

"...Romans held no physical or technological advantage over the peoples they conquered. An average Roman was smaller and weaker than an average Gaul..."

The Romans had a superb organized fighting system that limited the ability of others to injure their troops while they chopped them to pieces.

The Mongols were much the same. Moving very fast for surprise. Firing from a distance at troops then running away. Good system. The Europeans might could have beat them with a scout system to find them and maybe a LOT of crossbows. The Russians finally beat the Mongols with portable forts. They had wagons with prefab fort walls they would throw up real quick. The Mongols couldn't fire through them and the Russians could fire back.
Sam J.June 21, 2018 8:07 PM UTC

You know it's really touch and go as to whether Trump will put a stake in the heart of the Deep State or if he's even trying. At first I thought he was then I thought he wasn't and now I think...he's trying but it's super difficult but I'm not stupid it may all be another ruse. Just more complicated.

The problem is that the people who are to bring the cases against these people are corrupted, the people who are supposed to investigate these people are corrupted and the people who will judge, try and possibly convict them are corrupted. So many ways to wiggle out that it's almost impossible to nail them down. Like wrestling squid. Now when Trump moved all these Jews into his administration, all these false flags shootings erupted and nothing was done. I just assumed we'd been had again. Then someone named "Q", for the high level "Q" clearance on government started saying that Trump and the military had a handle on this and were proceeding against the Cabal...well I assumed more bullshit. Some of the things "Q" says make sense and some are some of the wackiest things I've ever heard. but they do seem to be, over time, more likely as evidence arises. Even if they do seem wacky. Lately a shit load of these deep state people are being fired, compromised, suicided, etc. Lots of people who in the past would never talk about weird sexual abuse, (including kids), and strange goings on are speaking up. Several former top officials appear to be turning States evidence. It's actually looking like he is attacking these people. It's looking hopeful. Supposedly Trump has been maneuvering back and forth, (according to Q), but now Q says Trumps going on the attack. If so then over the next few months we should see some serious releases of data about all these people like the Clintons and many others who have been doing whatever they wanted with no prosecution. These Clinton suicides might work the wrong way and convince people that instead of being killed it's better to take their chances with Trump and become witnesses. Jail or Clintonicide??? Not that big of a choice I would think. We should note that in all these corrupt institutions there are actually vastly more average people who are not corrupted up to the gills than there are the truly evil corrupt types. They average are just going along to get along like most everyone does but if they are given a chance to clean up the corruption I bet the average cops, Judges, FBI, Justice dept., would jump at the chance as they love America just like we do.(Even with all it's faults America beats most places by a big margin).

I think this sort of corruption is deeply embedded into the whole society in law enforcement. We need a large scale cleaning but haven't been able too. The last time we had a large cleaning of corruption was after WWII. The veterans came back and tried to clean up some of the corruption. In some cases they had literally shooting battles and threw out corrupt sheriffs. I wonder if all the battles we've been going through are forcing this same kind of cleaning now???? After you've been in firefights you become less likely to heel down and take a lot of bullshit and be pushed around. Just like after you've been in a few fistfights you're more likely to not be as afraid. I sure hope something is changing because if not we're doomed.