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Shelters for the Self
The First Crackpot Books Publication

It has taken four of us over two years time to reconstitute a plundered and crudely translated Pacific War artifact. I was just a befuddled typist in this endeavor and am thrilled that my crude efforts caught the attention of the three folks who helped this take meaningful form.


The Final Draft

I am attaching the final pdf as well as the link to the listing.

Scott and Wrath, thank you so much for your valuable contributions.

James, thank you for letting me help out with this.



Shelters for the Self

The Captured Diary of Petty Officer Second Class Koyama

The diary of Petty Officer Second Class Koyama was a spoil of war, passed from the hands of an American veteran of World War II into the possession of his heirs, forgotten and found again. It is published here as an artifact of the Pacific theater, memory of which slips away in favor of events in Europe, and in hopes of a connection between the descendants of men made enemies.

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