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‘No Human Element’
A Survivor’s Guide to Prison, Notes & Impressions from the 2017 Documentary

The deluded liberals, idiot rappers and washed up comedians in this episode were irritating. But, Johnny Trejo, former California State Prison Boxing Champion and ugliest heavy in B-movie history has due gravity. As a barbarian I believe in ostracism and revenge, not restitution and punishment, so will let that issue slide, other than to note, in this very well knit activist documentary, that where the few “restorative justice” programs, where the mammas of slain men speak with killers, and achieve a repeat offense rate as low as 10% but generally higher, that in Kentucky, the Shakespearian reading program achieves a 5% repeat offense ration, where the normal prison in the U.S. has an 80% repeat offense ratio.

The body of the documentary follows an ivory innocent who did 26 years for a crime done by another [Latino] man, and an ebony man who had no criminal record, who was framed by a brothel owner for a murder he himself committed. This brothel owner was known to be conducting an ongoing criminal enterprise by the LAPD, who used him as a witness. Both men escaped from pure luck and their stories are heart-rending. Bruce Lisker was known to be innocent of murder and LAPD detective Gavin was threatened by his superiors if he came forward with the evidence to free Lisker. Meanwhile, the man who killed Bruce’s mother, attacked at least 4 other women with knives.

Below are some statistics on the U.S. prison system:

-The largest prison population in the world, at 2.2 million.

-The largest percentage of citizens incarcerated in the world

-The largest arrest rate of all nations, per capita and as a gross aggregate

[-Of roughly 8 billion humans the roughly 320 million Americans make up only 2%of the world population]

-1/3rd of all women incarcerated in the world are incarcerated in the U.S., with only 320 million U.S. persons

-There are so many felony laws in the U.S. that the typical person commits 3 felonies a day, often by accident or in ignorance of the law. This was exactly the case in Plantation Era Britain, where about 200 crimes [including petty theft of food or fishing] brought the death penalty, which could be commuted in favor of 14 years of slave labor.

-10 times as many mentally ill are in prison than in medical facilities.

-95% of cases go to a plea bargain.

-95+% of cases result in convictions, many of these resulting from prosecutorial immunity, the fact that prosecutors have unlimited resources, have police to do investigations while defense attorneys must pay detectives, the fact that the prosecution always leads off, and that police detectives are incentivized to get a conviction of an innocent person. Indeed, the highest measure of a lawyer’s skill is “to convict an innocent men.”

-According to the innocence project, 40-100,000 convicts are innocent.

-The bale bonds industry in the U.S. is worth over 2 billion dollars! [1]

-There are “million dollar blocks” in high crime U.S. municipalities in which the annual cost of housing convicts from those neighborhoods drain a million of more tax dollars per year.

-20% of inmates [many not yet convicts as they await trial for months and years] are attacked every week.

-1 in 10 inmates are sexually abused [often by prison staff, according to a 2013 DOJ study not cited in this documentary]

-5.3 million Americans cannot vote for being felons. This is why black men cannot win elections against black women, because they are incarcerated at a far higher rate even when they commit the same crimes, this being the biggest factor contributing to the lock that women have on politics in the black population.

-65% of humans [according to a well-known university control study in which the control group was told to electrocute actors for perceived errors] are not emotionally capable of resisting authoritarian demands to harm declared enemies of the social system. Authority bias is upheld primarily by our media priesthood, which are the “soul-drivers” of the current system.

-The U.S. has 5,000+ jails and prisons

-Since 1977 California built 22 prisons and 1 university.

-150 of these U.S prisons are private for-profit prisons, accounting for 1.5% of facilities, which house 10% of the inmates, which is an ominous ratio.

-Private and state prisons both, according to the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, employ prisoners as forced labor for many fortune 500 companies, including: Bank of America, Chevron, the U.S Military, K-Mart, Wendy’s, Hewitt Packard and the list goes on [2]

-Solitary confinement, a unique feature of American prisons, houses 81,000 prisoners a year, causes psychosis in 95% of those who endure it, with the average solitary inmate doing 7.5 years, in an all concrete chamber, for 23 hours a day. [3]


The most interesting piece of advice is to keep your mouth shut around cops and inmates, who both behave along the same personal interaction arc of intimidation, consolation and betrayal. I have served on a jury in which I was subjected to viewing brutalizing police interrogation of a retarded suspect and have an even more keen fear of the police state since then. This advice of silence is golden, that you have 1 mouth and 2 ears and 2 eyes and should use these organs proportionally, given by wrongly convicted and actual guilty murderers, is the exact same advice I have given to targets of street crime for decades. This drives home the point that we are a prey population subject to constant predation scrutiny. What all of the liberal idiots and deluded dreamers speaking on this program miss, when they proposed alternative ways in which the American prison population could be reduced and at the same time evolve a less violent society [most prominently The War on Drugs] is that the purpose of the U.S prison system is for profit and for government expansion, a way by which non-productive humans are harvested, thereby taking people largely incapable of contributing to the tax base and billing the productive members of society for their incarcerations.

The War on Drugs itself, post-dated the failed war on alcohol, which was Prohibition, by more than a generation, with every triple digit IQ member of government and law enforcement absolutely knowing, based on the progress of organized crime during Prohibition, that this war would generate an ever expanding police state and captive population and a terrorized [and thus more easily controlled via suggestion] population. To say that the focus of law enforcement on the black population early in the war was an end goal is foolish, as targeting black criminals was a way to get white voters to buy into the war on drugs, which would ultimately and will overwhelmingly, in the near future, recalibrate to focus increasingly on Caucasian thought criminals. Ultimately, the war on users of conscience-altering substances must lead remorselessly to a war on holders of an alternative conscience.

And the fool herd trundles on up the meat-chute of souls that is Modernity.

In the notes below it will be made clear that the unique character of American prisons evolved directly from the unique character of the foundation of America, which was the monetization of lower class inhabitants of the British Isles by the merchant class and aristocratic class. In a recent Myth of the 20th Century podcast, on the history of the WASP or White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, which was coined as a slur by ascendant Jewish-Americans aimed at old money Anglo-Americans in the last century, Adam Smith, moderator of this most excellent examination of our recent evolution, queried the guest professor about the unique character of Anglo-Saxon racial identity, which is a propensity among British and American elites to take no interest in the well-being of the middle and lower classes of their own ethnicity. The professor pointed out, quite correctly, that this stemmed from the contractual nature of English society, which was a fallen state from the previous oath-based society.

I would expand on this by noting that the Magna Carta [4] was the vehicle by which oath-based society among the English was subjected to a debt-based morality, and that the marginalization of God, as declared in that document, as well as a commitment to uphold the contractual rights of non-English, non-Christian debtors over the patrimony of a creditor and that this liquidation of fallen nobility would conjoin with the manorial notion of the English servant as an aspect of natural resources [literally bonded to the land]. These factors combined to monetize the British person for disposal by his betters, resulting in various predatory poor laws, most notoriously The Vagabond Act of 1572 [5], over 100 enclosure acts, in which a huge homeless population was generated as the elite appropriated public lands, providing a surplus population to be “planted” in North America as a disposable resource-extraction population which would eventually form a taxable base for expansive exploitation.

In short, the unique character of Post Magna Carta Anglo-Saxon Society, that of the betrayal of the lower classes of the native ethnicity by their own elite, predicted the unique manner in which North America was settled, by same-race slaves and the ongoing betrayal of electorate by its own political class and most of all, the inevitability of population replacement, which began as early as 1680 in “the Plantation of Virginia.” [6]

Absolutely congruent to this materialistic ethos generated in Post-Norman England and well-established in Plantation America, is the fact that American prisons are operated for profit, that American sex slaves are trafficked by politicians internally and sold through Israeli agents to Arab elites, and that in the future, [the following is a prediction, not a current fact] Native Caucasian Americans caught trespassing on federal lands rented to Asian operators will be incarcerated in for-profit corrections facilities owned by multinational corporations. The gaols and plantations of Plantation America have evolved directly into the jails and penitentiaries of Postmodern America, and this author believes that such a systemic arc has no other logical destination than the federal land prediction made above.


1. Bail bonds preserve the term used to legally designate all human chattel of the plantation period, which included redemptionors, indentures, transports, apprentices, convicts, servants and slaves, which were all legally referred to as bondmen and bondwomen. See Plantation America: Volume 5 So His Master May Have Him Again

2. Prisons are evolved directly from the plantation system of pre-Revolutionary America, which included English-style workhouses and iron forges and Quaker-run lumber and agricultural plantations. Jails are directly evolved from gaols [also spelled goals in period literature] which were places for the holding and auction of any claimed or unclaimed human property, meaning landless folk not in possession of counter-signed indenture forms, freedom papers or a travel pass. See Plantation America Volume 4: A Bright Shining Lie At Dusk.

3. Solitary confinement is a feature of American prisons first pioneered by the foremost enslavers of Irish and Scottish slaves, the Pennsylvania Quakers, who designed the first American prisons and who believed in solitary confinement as a measure to bring a penitent closer to God. See Plantation America: Volume 1: Stillbirth of A Nation and Volume 3 Into Wicked Company

4. See Plantation America: Volume 7, The Lies That Bind Us

5. See Plantation America: Volume 2, America In Chains

6. As stated in Samuel Wiseman’s Book of Record, investigating the Maryland and Virginia uprisings of 1675-76, See Plantation America, Volume 10, American Spartacus [upcoming]

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jacobJune 28, 2018 1:37 AM UTC

Great text james
BobJune 22, 2018 2:15 AM UTC

The policeman might taser, shoot or bludgeon you. But it's the lawyer who'll drink away your living blood.
BobJune 21, 2018 7:44 PM UTC

Who's to say Extraordinary Rendition won't also apply to American citizens on American soil in the future?

On the Normans, here's a nice little triptych:
JoeFourJune 21, 2018 1:00 PM UTC

Great post! For those interested in the topics mentioned...particularly Magna addition to the referenced writings by Mr. LaFond, here is a link to a pdf book that details the history of our corrupt legal system:
responds:June 22, 2018 1:33 AM UTC

Thanks, JoeFour.