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‘Rule by Experts’
Alan Watt - A Globalist Agenda For a Dumbed Down Domesticated Society

I particularly like Allan’s work on the television as a hypnotic device. The fact that a U.S. president mandated high definition TV should have been a wakeup call but we all went out and bought 72 inch TVS! Making TV viewing fun as a critical exercise, by working with a fellow viewer to point out politically correct messages, is an excellent suggestion.

At 1:07:17 Watt actually discusses the false histories written after 1800 with the actual histories he found written before and gets into British schemes for enslaving people for purposes of deportation to plantations.

At 1:18:00 Watt discusses mass hormone treatment of Europeans and Americans in the 1950s through baby food and baby bottles and now beer cans in order to reduce American/Canadian/European sperm count. He also pulls in the polio vaccine as a way to cause cancer in humans.

The use of media to cripple the eye of our mind has finally bloomed into what Robert E. Howard envisioned as a slumber-inducing plant with its roots sunk in hell.

Watts predicts the “cloud” as a social control mechanism and predicted the internet identity politics in 2012 as already being infiltrated by government agents and also that many of the “conspiracy” sites are actually funded by government entities. Watts is perhaps the only spiritual lecturer I have listened to that has a grasp on what government is, which is quite refreshing. The importance of TV and of chain restaurants as a destruction of communication is presented in great detail, painting the manipulative psychopath with the same brush as our sacred civic institutions. Never does he veer long from TV, which is the eraser of our mind’s eye.

Overall, Allan Watts is a master at framing the context of the mind’s journey. His examination of the modern domesticated human mind is something of an autopsy of a race that might have survived civilization, had the evil of plotting traitors not been a constant aspect of the civilized condition.

This moves me to recall the numerous times I have tried to have a conversation in a public place only to find the noise generated by the piped in music and often amplified by acoustics, particularly in after work weekday dinner spots built as square, family-friendly bars and grilles. I recall two years ago, when a friend of mine, who grew up steeped in the arithmetic of the cult of baseball told me about spending $240 dollars to take a client to an Orioles game. Steve had always treasured baseball and derided football as there was no time for spectator conversation, relaxation, discussion of the proceedings when it came to going to a football stadium, where drunks roared, cavorted and chanted during the breaks in the action. Then, the day after his business dinner at The Orioles Park at Camden Yards, he related with dismay how the music between at bats was blared so loudly in this open air venue that he had to scream to be heard by the man next to him.

Alan Watts ~ The New Religion: God is Dead

Clergy versus the Laity in Protestantism as a Secularist movement in Christendom

The discussion includes a highly insightful modeling of both the physical structure of a catholic and protestant church, the first designed after the throne room of a king and the second after a courtroom. He goes on to discuss the incongruence of an American Christian believing that a republican form of government is the best was to live in a cosmos which is a monarchy. His explanation of the weird trend of westerners adopting Asian religions is likewise very insightful.

The Times in Which we Live

Mass mind-screwing as a spectator sport

The following is a critique of the Christian ideal of inspiration as omniscient dictation which is done from a predominantly Buddhist perspective.

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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