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Hippity Hop
James What Do You Think of These Trends in Rap Music? A Babe Question from Akira

First there is this Kendrick Lamar guy wining the Pulitzer Prize. No shit, I thought Pulitzer’s were for literature, but this guy got $16k for a rap album:

And there is this viral video that actually seems to be trying to fathom the media state and the performer—the guy dancing and singing without a shirt on—is married to a white woman and a lot of blacks are hating on him for being a traitor.

This is America

James’ Impressions

Akira, I once had a White Power skinhead tell me that I was a total savage, an uncivilized barbarian, that I was a creature predating culture itself as I had no musical sense, could not remember the name of a song, never listened to music for pleasure, only used it for energy while training and working.

After listening to the high pitched voices, the effeminate body type, small stature and whining angst-ridden lyrics, I am reminded of the deep voices of soul singers of their grandfather’s days and the mirror of rock, where Bing Crosby’s voice devolved into Paul McCartney, Paul Rogers and Freddie Mercury, I sense the emasculation of the male voice over generations.

I reflect further upon the past two weekends spent at Megan’s place whence she listened to current country music, pop, and I had to compare these pretty boy voices and smooth faces with Waling Jennings, Johnny Pay Check, Charlie Rich, Glen Campbell—not all deep voiced men, but middle of the road in tone and with a masculine presence. Even Willie Nelson, skinny and not deep-voiced, had a masculine presence, would sing of his loves lost due to his character faults, where the postmodern pop singer and pseudo-country English singer I listened to last weekend sings of missing his woman and wondering how he can crawl to her and the pop singer speaks of joining with his gay lover...

My sense is that all forms of music I have listened to have fallen in masculine gravity and risen in feminine pitch over the arc of my lifetime, regardless of race, with the ebony population of this social machination following down the same whimpering rabbit hole as the scions of their ghost-faced predecessors.

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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Sam J.June 25, 2018 7:18 AM UTC

"...My sense is that all forms of music I have listened to have fallen in masculine gravity and risen in feminine pitch..."