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Mixed Species Martial Arts Update.

“The city, home to about 40 percent of Alaska's population, is also habitat for bears, moose, wolves and other wild animals. Within the limits of the 1,958-square-mile (5,070-square-km) municipality there are 250 to 350 black bears and 55 to 65 brown bears, also called grizzly bears, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.”

Looks like you’re not safe even in the good neighborhoods anymore, eh? A spokesman for the bear community complained that the police are engaging in species profiling.

Anchorage hiker, missing for two days, killed by bear: police

Mad World Update.

Dog show confidential. Competition between dog breeders is murderous. Literally so in The Greater Toronto Area.

Dog-feud murder trial: Accused killer grins through cross-examination

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

“Tina Pourani, 23, and Talia Sisco, 24, were cuffed on Thursday and each charged with unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and oral copulation of a minor. News outlet KGO reported the BFFs — who have been friends since high school — are accused of having sex multiple times with teens aged 15 and 16, cops say.”

“They were boasting and bragging about these sex acts with minors, using words such as ‘sexual deviants,’ such as ‘going to hell’ because of their actions,” Detective Vincnte Mitre of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office told KGO.”

'Sexual deviant' BFFs allegedly bedded teenage boys

'Sexually deviant' Santa Clara women arrested, deputies say

Hot of Teacher: : Check out these scandalous classroom capers -Toronto Sun

Mad World Update.

Lesson learned: Don’t fight with an old man, if he’s too old to fight he’ll just kill you.

“Mcrae, in ailing health, slit his son’s throat as he slept off a day of drinking on the living room couch on July 7, 2015. He was fed up with his angry, always-drunk son and figured he’d be better off dead. Even told the neighbour his son deserved to die. He pleaded not guilty and claimed that he killed in self-defence after years of elder abuse at the hands of his son Michael, 51. Mcrae testified in his own defence and said he feared his son so much that he slept with a baseball bat. But the jury didn’t buy his story and found him guilty.”

Ottawa great-grandpa gets life sentence for slitting throat of sleeping son

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

They just gotta have that last word, don’t they?

Florida mom didn't want son to have 'last word' so she allegedly shot at him

Angry mom attempts drive-by shooting on adult son after argument

Cops: Angry Panhandle mom attempts drive-by shooting on son after spat

BAD GIRLS - Hottest felons sizzle in the cooler – Toronto Sun

Murderbowl International / Life in Greater Dindustan Update.

The continuing story of the Scarborough playground shooting of two young sisters in Toronto. The banality of 21st Century urban crime: just another case of shots fired in a street corner gun battle between competing dindu gang bangers that completely missed the intended targets and hit uninvolved bystanders instead.

Man charged in playground shooting of sisters 'wasn't involved,' lawyer says

“In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

-George Orwell, 1903-1950, English Author

“There are only two ways to tell the complete truth: anonymously and posthumously.”

-Thomas Sowell, American Economist

“Enlightened people seldom or never possess a sense of responsibility.”

-George Orwell, 1903-1950, English Author

The former commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police comes clean about who and what is responsible for all the recent ‘knife crime’ in the UK and what it will take to put even a dent in it. Although by now I doubt this revelation is really news for anyone in the British Iles with eyes to see and ears to hear. Crime perpetrated by racial minorities and third world migrants is one of the worst kept secrets in the western world.

Ex-head of Met Police calls for more stop and searches and claims migration is fuelling knife crime

Chiraq News.

Death of man hurt in Lawndale bar fight ruled homicide

Boystown: Reports Of Police Impersonators Grow

Did Alderman Moreno Impersonate A Cop Last Weekend? Police Investigate

After asking a woman to move her car, the alderman allegedly flashed a "badge" before saying, "You better pay your parking tickets! This is how we do it in Chicago!"

Tourist's Macy's Purchase Survives One Robber, Falls Victim To Second Outside Water Tower

Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

Boystown: Couple Whacked By Pipe During Altercation With "Large Group"

Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

A Chicago fireman is being demonized by the press for daring to defend himself against an oppressed youth who was not only making off with his jeep, but attempting to run him over in the process. You’re supposed to just let the dindus take what they want and file an insurance claim afterward.

“What's it like to feel powerless?”

“A lieutenant in the Chicago Fire Department may find out. The fireman committed the grave sin of defending himself and his property from an aggressor. Now he is the target of a social media campaign to ex post facto punish him for having the audacity to protect what is rightfully his.”

“Last summer, the unidentified firefighter left his Jeep idling on the West Side of the city (admittedly, not a bright thing to do anywhere in Chicago) when it was carjacked by 17-year-old Charles Macklin. The lieutenant, who is Hispanic, attempted to stop Macklin, a black teen, from taking his vehicle by jumping in front and yelling, "Get out." Macklin refused. According to the police report, Macklin then "tried to run [the firefighter] over," at which point the threatened lieutenant pulled his concealed handgun and shot the teenager in the chest, killing him.”

“After investigating the lieutenant's actions, the Chicago Fire Department found no rule violation or wrongdoing.”

“That wasn't enough justice for Macklin's sister, Janique. In a glowing profile that reads more like a KCNA summary of Kim Jong-un's latest trip abroad than a real news account, the Chicago Tribune provided a platform for Janique's feeling of unfairness. "When has it ever become legal to shoot someone because they're pulling off in your car?" she asks, either unaware that her brother tried to run down the owner of the car he was jacking or dismissing the official police report entirely.”

“Then comes the most revealing quote: "Even if [Macklin] did that, if he did steal the car. You've got insurance – let him go to jail. I would've rather had to get a call to go bail him out of jail than to get a phone call that he's dead."

“This is an abhorrent mix of demanded obeisance, willful duplicity, and wishful thinking. Macklin wasn't just stealing the car; he made an attempt on the owner's life. And why is it assumed that Macklin will only go on a joyride? Why does she conjecture that the worst thing that will happen is her numbskull brother will go to jail? What if Macklin had used the vehicle to commit another theft or, worse, a murder?”

Indeed, many of the cars stolen or hijacked in the Chicago-Milwaukee metroplex are being used to commit other crimes, especially dope peddling, robbery and murder. A DEA report several years ago revealed that gangs in Milwaukee had taken to selling drugs exclusively from automobiles, rather than from crack houses that could raided. Contacts with customers are made via mobile phones. Gangs adopted this tactic in response to the Milwaukee PD’s long standing 'no pursuit’ policy. If the police tried to pull over a drug car the bangers would just step on the gas and take off at high speed until the police broke off pursuit. The MPD has since rescinded the no pursuit policy.

Media Lining Up to Defend Black Teen Shot in Carjacking, Attempted Murder

'When has it ever become legal to shoot someone because they’re pulling off in your car?'

Explore: Shootings by CCL holders including homeowners, security guards, store clerks -Chicago Tribune

When Your Job Sucks

The Ghetto Grocer Kindle Edition

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WellRead EdJune 25, 2018 1:52 PM UTC

Holy smokes! Where were all of the hot 'sexual deviant' teachers when I was a teen??? All of my teachers looked like Nick Nolte's mugshot!