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Introduction to Plantation America
Talking Points for The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

Project origins:

Michael A. Hoffman II

Sunset Saga

Curious Life and Adventures of Peter Williamson

Reader Mailings and links

Applied chronological method based on ancient boxing research

Ancient Threads

Biblical servitude [particular sacred chattel]

Norse thralldom [spoils of war]

Islamic slavery [universal racial assignment]

Medieval Morphology

Magna Carta as a Dysgenic Contract

“Others” [Distant Mirror note]

The Gold Thread

1453: Rock Stars to Rap Stars

English Terminology




Bondmen & Bondwomen







Indenture, indented




Terms of service

Pauper or Beggar



Incorrigible Rogue/Slave for life [three strikes]


Free Holder

Branding, cropping, shackling & whipping

Virginia fair play


People of color

Breeding practices according to race



Servant-Slave semantic

Gary Cooper movie Unconquered

British Export Demographics


Bacon & Locke


The pressures to traffic children

English 1680 median

Irish holocaust

The Scottish slave trade

British impressment, the King's penny and the hero boxer

Piracy demographics

"Another half pound" quote

Racial/Cultural Identity & Slavery

The English Old Testament View

The Middle Eastern-North African View

Cite Jordon's White over Black

The Amerindian View

Jesuit Revelations

Beards, Sacred Iron and 60% native survival

Paleface note


Seven year labor cost

-day labor, 1 shilling a day for 3,500 days = 3,500 shillings

-7 year slave for 3,500 days = 300 shillings

-slave for life for 2,000 shillings was beyond the purse of all but the top 7% of the free population

Panel's thoughts on labor investment dynamics?

Human Trafficking Patterns

Major source notes in brackets, with standard sources letters, pamphlets, statutes and advertisements.

Hawkins, Drake, Raleigh & Grenville

The Roanoke Non Mystery [Lee Miller]

Darby Glande

Jamestown Conspiracy 1587-1603

Tidewater Slave Mortality

Virginia [Wiseman’s Book of Record, Thomas Hellier’s Tragical and Penitent Life]

Plantation Virginia Demographics 1676

New York [Peter Sluyter and Jasper Danckaerts]

New England [White’s Planter’s Plea, 1630]

New Jersey

Maryland [The Sotweed factor, 1708, 1676 pamphlet]

The 1671 Virginia-Carolina Venture

Carolinas [Mary Glass buys Emilia Davis 1778]

The Worst Slave State

Pennsylvania destroyed its white slave records.

Delaware was essentially a shipping center for PA, and Jersey was linked much more to PA than New York.

Pennsylvania [Peter Williamson’s Adventures]

The Port of New Castle Demographics 1727-8

Delaware [Jemmy Annelsey’s 13-years a slave, Birthright by Roger Ekrich]

The Middle Passage [Hoffman]

Children’s Ghost Island [308 AiC]

John Lawson [308 AiC]

Jay & Franklin’s Posthumous Debate


Florida & Louisiana [Emilia Davis’ fate]

Northwest Territory


Northwest Ordinance

The Slave Master Compact:

Persons [Article 1, Sections 2 & 9, Article 4, Section 2]

Slick Washington’s Catholic Slaves

American Spartacus

Notes on 380 slave rebellions in English America from 1585 to 1860

War as a national amnesia induction

Racial omission

Democracy as a truth retardant

‘Black’ Slave Narratives

All of these sources reveal cases of negro freedom and white servitude. All black slave narratives are post 1790

Olandah Equiano [African]

Moses Roper [person of color]

William Wells Brown [person of color]

Frederick Douglas [person of color]

Solomon Northup [negro, skin game note]

William & Sally Craft [negro & POC]

White Slave Narratives

Most white slave narratives are pre-1790

Thomas Hellier

James Revel


Daniel Hayes

Thomas Pellow

John Lawson

Mary Sprigg

Jemmy Annelsey

Peter Williamson

Benjamin Franklin

Thomas Brown

Robert Rogers

Susanna Johnson


Mesach Browning

William Garrison


1718, the inventory of Samuel Chew contains a 10 pound valued servant woman

1837, David Holiday freed at age 37

Indentured Woman’s Verse, [Wicked Company 63-4]


1865 Pennsylvania Railroad Act

1865 14th Amendment , Section 1, establishes chattel slavery in perpetuity

Gaols and goals to jails

Plantations to penitentiaries [Quakers corrections system]

Freedom papers and travel passes to I.D. and passport

Books in Progress

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: 95%

Crackerboy: 80%

American Spartacus: 65%

Sold: 20%

The 13th Tribe: 10%

Paleface: 10%

Plantation America is the scheduled concluding volume.

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