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Urban Warfare from 1983

It was great catching up with you James. Glad you're doing what you were clearly placed here from your home planet for full time now.

A man contacted me about the Rocky Lockridge tribute video I did last year. He has contacts for interviews, relatives of the Move people. I would like you to take a look at the material and then do an interview with you. Here are some links to past documentaries from most comprehensive to least. The first includes info on both altercation, one being in '78 the other in '85.

Also attached is a tiny bit of info from Boxing Bobby who also committed himself to being interviewed.

Let me know if that's enough. I'll go through some other media and also send as I personally vet. Thanks again.

-Oliver Wendell Hayes

Oliver, my first two thoughts are this:

In 1983 the Federal Goboment executed a tax protestor after he returned fire from guboment thugs who cut down his son. Just like burning out the Move people by a local thug police force, the media was very much behind the slaughter, as were most U.S. Citizens.

Having examined some 380 slave rebbelions in English North America and assigning these acts of disobedience and revolt intensity values, I discovered one glaring fact.

On the low end, plots, conspiracies, arson and poisinings by slaves were generally punished with the hanging of a ring leader and key asscoiates.

On the high end, actual slave wars, even out right revolutions, were usually punished by execution of the ring leaders.

However, the middle of the spectrum, maroons, holdouts and self-segregating runaways who fought primarily on the defensive from enclaves and hideouts, tended to be ruthlessly exterminated. This pattern is repeated in The Move siege, and in four western states in the intervening years, with government forces being far more ruthless to seperatists than to high functioning gangs of violent criminals.

While crime legitimizes the government and revolutionaries simply seek to gain the levers of government power for their own agenda—hence legitimizing the notion of government by force—separatists challenge the notion of the state monopoly of force and summon the many thousands of demonic psychopaths who staff government agencies to lash out in a spasm of self-validating and collectively elevating aggression.

These people hated Jane Fonda and Jesse Jackson, so they can't be entirely illogical.

Trying to enclave in a city was stupid. However, since small families of rural Caucasians have been targeted for identical violence by the federal government, I would encourage all types of Americans to think twice before forming an organized community based on anything other than making money. Just like the ancient Christians living in Rome and not worshiping the Emperor, failure to worship the imperial cult by any organized group in this media republic will be published.

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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PRJune 29, 2018 1:00 AM UTC

Remember Bill Ayers and his other Weathermen conspirators simply joined the government/academia. Obama was their protege. Same for John Kerry - a radical turned presidential candidate. They don't seem to mind you if you intend to assimilate and fight "The Man" - which is the other faction of the Deep State and Christian Americans who just want to be left alone.
BobJune 26, 2018 9:59 PM UTC

The "Ohio Amish", ha ha.
Sam J.June 26, 2018 5:29 AM UTC

I wonder...who put these people up to this???? I know little about MOVE but I understand they had loudspeakers blaring day and night some kind of commie bullshit. Annoying the hell out of everyone. It wasn't like they were being inconspicuous. Just a gut feeling someone riled them up and used them for purposes that had nothing to do with what they thought. Never join any kind of organized group.
BobJune 26, 2018 2:54 AM UTC

What about Amish? They're cultural separatists, and, to a greater extent that almost all other whites, economic ones too. Their spread and high birthrate I would have thought offered some protection.
responds:June 26, 2018 6:27 PM UTC

The Amish are pacifists, committed to non-violence and utterly helpless when the time comes to exterminate them, so they pose no threat.

However, I predicted in Organa, that when the system outlaws reproduction the Amish will become violent and actually riot.