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A New Master Race?
African Decolonization - Empire of Dust (Myth20c - Ep73)

Our girl, Lynn was on Myth of the 20th century a few weeks ago and I neglected to give you guys a heads up, so here she is with Adam and the panel.

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Sam J.July 2, 2018 10:28 PM UTC

I listened to it and it was good. A bit hard to hear at times. Africa is actually huge, Massive, really, really, big. Look at this picture of countries placed in it for size comparison.

The only problem is it's fucked. My understanding is that if the US and Europe cut out food relief funding the whole place would immediately start starving and there would be mass deaths. What do you do with a place like this? It's so dysfunctional that if you don't ship in free food they fall to pieces. Worse the Whites there used to grow massive amounts of food but being Africans they want to take away working farms, they fail and...well they starve to death.

An interesting link if you like to read about mass stupidity is this one about citrus farms that were taken over by the government and after a few years all the trees die off and 50 years of work to get these tree crop farms going goes to ruin. Apparently the need constant irrigation, insecticides, fertilizer ad lots of monitoring and as soon as the Africans got them,,,they of course did none of this. I don;t think some of them can comprehend running something like this. They just stole all the money needed to pay for all this stuff and made a world class farm turn into brush.

I think any of these countries where they thru out the Whites we should stop sending them food.
jacobJune 28, 2018 1:25 AM UTC

Lynns valley accent is like rape for my ears

She sounds hot though
responds:June 28, 2018 1:48 PM UTC

I would respectfully suggest that we not use the name of one of the few sane women on the planet and rape in the same sentence.
Tony CoxJune 27, 2018 1:56 PM UTC

There’s a few spots of dead air here and there, but nonetheless it is good episode, definitely worth listening to.