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Satanic Serial Killers
By Teutonic Fist
Compared to days of jore todays satanic murderes are amateurs. Last satanic murder we had in germany was almost 17 years ago and the only thing realy satanic about it was that these two larping goth faggots tried to stab their vicitm 666 times, but just managed to do some lame 66, which is stupid when you think that in the greek bible the number of
the beast is a mistranslation and the number is suppose to be 616, which again is stupid when youre not a autistic Jew believing in kabbalah magic and jewish numbering rituals, so this satanic black magic becomes actualy just some lame-ass obsessive-compulsive disorder. I mean if i would be a satanist killer i would maybee do six stabs, then one, then six again, like using a rotary phone to call the lord of darkness, adding up to 13 stabs in total which makes overall more sense when you think the unlucky associations with the number 13.
So anyway her is a juice case from the 16th century.
The road robber Peter Niers killed over 500 people and cut fetuses out of the belly of pregnant women to use them in black magic rituals. That was actualy quite common among criminals. They ate the heart and liver sometimes, others used the limbs of the fetus to make candles. When they caught him he had a whole bag full of Talismans made of human remains with him. Best part is Niers wasn't even the worst.
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