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Lesbian Martial Arts
By American Psycho

Fuck, I just love the slide down to oblivion. Each day I laugh so much I shit myself, again. Look, consider today this gem which involves, our favorite vegetable, lesbians, I think, fighting, for fuck no reason.

I thought that lesbian martial arts would be more …ballsy … with punches and kicks, locks and choke-outs. Not girly slaps, hair-pulling and pissy sissy things like that. Nevertheless, this is entertaining stuff, and who ever needed a reason to fight?

She Wants YOUR Cock!

(Photo for Academic Purposes)

By American Psycho

Fuck, I just love the slide down to oblivion. Each day I laugh so much I shit myself. Look, consider this gem from the US university swamp:

“Does a larger penis mean more self-esteem? One Missouri State University sociology professor is working to find that out and more, and in the name of science is asking men across America to send her pictures of their genitalia.

Professor Alicia Walker asks participants to voluntarily provide the measurements of their penis when erect and flaccid, as well as photographic evidence, in a research project that has been has been approved by the Missouri State University Institutional Review Board.

“The purpose is to investigate how men feel about their bodies in a culture where we place emphasis on size, including size of penises,” Walker told The College Fix via email. “And to further look at how that impacts their tendency toward safe sex, relationships, and more.”

All of us here need to get behind the good professor’s work and send her cock shots by the box full. Yes, a research project with a sound methodology, that will be drawing psychological inferences based on hearsay shots of cocks. Too bad that my parcel to the good prof is going to be completely fake. Have a great full-flight cock shot of the neighbor’s Santa Gertrudis bull, cumming in mid-air. Happy, happy, happy.

Anyway, this prof. needs to get together with the one that looks at dog genitals for a day job, and take it on the road as the ultimate academic circus. You have got to love, sociology, the way of sad clowns.

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