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Portland Riot Video


The video starts out with a slow motion shot of what happened and then shows it in real time at 7:30. Video before and after shows riots and small skirmishes.

-Bran Mak Sworn

Okay, same old thing, cops stand by while permit-bearing Right wing demonstrators are attacked with explosives and hand weapons by Left wing counter demonstrators. They then announce the revocation of the permit in Orwellian terms and shepherd the men with stolen voices into their sissy enemies.

Now, I have written two articles about how poorly the ASP and other telescopic batons fair in combat. I have written an entire book about why you should not use blunt weapons against goons when you are a narrow-assed twerp.

There falls exhibit A.

Don't be that guy.

Also, note how the screeching bitches serve their men not at all. This reminds me of the Britons versus the Romans when the veterans sat back and watched the young bloods of the Legion slaughter the fools who brought their women to battle. Watch the fate of the defending puncher if the twerp, who first beat a fallen man with that ASP before turning it on THE WRONG GUY, dies. This might be a landmark case.

For the record, if I were writing this riot as fiction, a bus full of Mohawks would show up and shoot down the cops with black powder weapons that would shatter their bird bones, then tomahawk and scalp the Right wingers and then rape and/or eat the Left wingers.

Twerps, Goons and Meatshields: The Basics of Full Contact Stick-Fighting

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ShepJuly 5, 2018 4:31 PM UTC

As far as I can tell, no charges have been filed against the Roundhouse Red-wrecker, as of 7/5/18.
PRJuly 4, 2018 10:29 PM UTC

I would've KOd the bitch
responds:July 6, 2018 12:27 AM UTC

I'd rather seduce her, then abandon her on a cold night to the inept attentions of her drones.
Sam J.July 4, 2018 6:30 AM UTC

"...note how the screeching bitches serve their men not at all..."

She's antifa. I personally believe that the right owes Women no pussy pass at riots. They should be hit if they are participating. This is of course affording them the same rights that they say they must have to be treated the same as Men.

It's amazing that in the US a bunch of people can get a permit for a march to wave the flag and a bunch of masked Men with no permit can attack them. It's...unconscionable. In Alabama they made all the antifa take off their mask or they were immediately arrested. Totally stopped them attacking people except for a few small cases for which they were promptly arrested.

While many say I'm an idiot for saying so I believe that marches, even with violence, is good for the Whites cause. I think it's good for moral. Especially since the antifa is plainly seen attacking a bunch of marches with a permit. No it might not be so good if you're hit in the head yourself but for those that don;t mind mixing it up a little it's good for moral. I think Charlotte, even though it was a big fuck up, was a good thing. It plainly showed how rotten and cheating the left is. I think it dispelled a lot of illusions on the right people had about there being some sort of fair play and honesty on the left. Now they know. Deceiving yourself is a terrible thing, best get it out of the way when the stakes are not as high. Another reason I'm for marches. It makes things plain. Anyone can see it. If things really get hot people will already know. They will know that there will be no quarter with these people and they will not play fair.
Sam J.July 4, 2018 5:44 AM UTC

Here's a link from hooktube which doesn't censor youtube videos or require you to sign in. It's the same video though.

There's a thing called a bookmarklet that you can use on any youtube video if they are censoring it or asking you to sign in. You make a bookmark of anything. You open the properties of the bookmark by right clicking on the book mark and then selecting "properties".

You change the book mark name, name it to whatever you want. Then in the "Location" section of the properties window you just opened you type in the below stuff.


Then save

Now if you ask me what the above means, I have no idea but it does work in Firefox browsers. If you are on a YouTube page and hit the above book mark then it will take you to a HookTube page that will play the same video you were on on the YouTube page. It won't work for videos that are blocked due to country restrictions but it does make it so you don't have to sign in.

The video of the Black guy showing the "straight punch" technique(earlier post), really, really impressed me. I think this is probably the single most important piece of information on fighting, for the non-professional and lite-weight like myself, that I've EVER seen. The single most important "simple" thing that if you remember could save your ass. I noticed that the true American kind of wound up and back with his arm, dropped his arm a little then hit him with the "straight punch". Look at it(the video above of Portland). The antifa saw the wind up and the dropped arm but missed the straight punch. I saw this video from another angle and didn't catch this but from the angle in this video you can see it I think if you can distract with a hand wave on the opposite side, we're talking amateurs here, then "straight punch" you could get the the first good hit on most people.

Now the question is how to defend against the straight punch for lightweights like myself? You, I think, would have to keep some distance.
BobJuly 4, 2018 2:47 AM UTC

This might jar a bit:
BobJuly 4, 2018 2:37 AM UTC

Ulna, not radius. D'Oh!
BobJuly 4, 2018 2:27 AM UTC

Were it not for the forearm guards, KO-guy might have suffered a shattered radius from that lash.

I was impressed that the tall, thin anti-fa was able to keep her cigarette in her fingers throughout the altercation.
WellRead EdJuly 3, 2018 12:10 PM UTC

This is a perfect example of the potential consequences of being in disfavor with law enforcement. The Portland Police Bureau (which is nothing more than another street gang) will do whatever the mayor decrees, including watching otherwise peaceful demonstrators get beaten down by lesser beings.

The gentleman that knocks out the black-clad LARPer has apparently not read the script; he is supposed to cower in fear while the dollar-store ninja expresses his righteous indignation upon his person. Instead he, however briefly, demonstrates the proper response to unprovoked violence. I'm surprised the cops didn't arrest him.