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‘Call a Amblance’
Badd Ass with Johnny Trejo

Badass is based on the real YouTube hero, Epic Beard Guy, a towering, Caucasian, Vietnam veteran, who was picked on by a young black man who he knocked the fuck out, and who, in response to his girlfriend who filmed it and stole the older man’s goods, saying “You leakin’” answered, “Call a amblance,” Badass is a sideways tribute to that bus Oakland patron.

Johnny Trejo wear’s the hat and shirt and cargo shorts and fanny pack of the real hero.

At certain point a black villain does admit he is leakin’ and asks for an “amblance.”

But these black villains serve a white mayor who is corrupt and the black wannabe thug on the bus is replaced by two adult, Aryan Brotherhood skinheads who are acting exactly like black youth do everyday on American mass transit, engaging in sadistic self-entertainment at the expense of helpless elderly folk. In this case, the helpless elder is black, of course.

Beyond the racial conventions which demand a white villain and people of color as victims, Badass was a really good C movie, a fantasy about a regular dude kicking the much deserving asses that assail him. The most unrealistic part of the movie is that cops are also good guys! Rather than beat down the fictional badass like they did the real Oakland badass a few years ago, they help him out. There are some instances of Latinos and blacks being villainous fools, which is refreshing and shows that the movie maker pushed the envelope as much as possible. Do note, however, that the villains of color are just stooges under the thumb of the white man, appropriately played by Ron Perlman.

Such is the world in which we live, where nothing realistic can occur in fiction. Fiction used to be the place where one could hide reality from the censors, but no more, fiction is now as a much a lie as American history.

I tried watching Badass 2 and it was horrible. Badass was at least funny.

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Sam J.July 4, 2018 4:38 AM UTC

No he said,"Amber Lamps", "I need a Amber Lamps".

Says he is a vet. I wonder that the media are not attacking him so White people will believe that any White people who defend themselves are crazy. Now that may seem odd but I've seen so many, comparable, lies that I think this is a very real possibility.

They've been teaching in colleges for decades that a White Anthropologist faked measuring Human skulls and said that Whites had bigger brain matter than Blacks and some other skulls. They have over and over claimed he lied(the White guy). Yet now we recently remeasured them and found out the Jew who claimed they were mismeasured and lied about actually was lying the whole damn time. The Whites skulls were bigger.

The Jews own the media and lie constantly. If they're not lying then they distort the truth such that the actual truth in no way resembles what they are telling us. A LOT.
Tony CoxJuly 3, 2018 12:07 PM UTC

Epic beard man is a real great video. Dude is not a Vietnam veteran though. He’s a nutcase who who has beaten folks up all over town. The younger black thug did have it coming, but he was older than he looked. The age difference there was less than 5 years if I remember right.