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Safety Jabbing
The Most Terrific Southpaw Gambit in the Ring

Remember that fighting southpaw is an equal opportunity relationship. All this stuff also works against a southpaw if you are a righty.

Boxing as a southpaw comes with the following canned wisdom, which has generally served its practitioners well in the boxing ring:

-Place your lead right foot on the outside of his lead left foot

-jab either over his lead from the outside

-or to get him to give up an outside foot position, slide left and jab down the middle but beware that right hand

-Throw the rear hand down the middle

-Use double hooks, usually body to head when you get him standing still

That is all good, useful advice.

However, you need to tweak it some for survival and MMA.

I suggest integrating two specific applications of the 1 and 2.

First, once you have him worried with your jab coming over his lead [the jab cross] you might call it] throw a sneaky rear-hand as a jab.

Do this by keeping the thumb up and throwing a short straight right between his gloves and just touching him with it.

You are not rotating the shoulder and reaching.

You are not pivoting with your foot, pushing with your foot or torquing your hip. You do not transfer your weight to the front foot but to your core.

You may exploit this left, rear-hand jab in three ways:

-To setup a hook, as he is in your wheel house if you can score this. Hitting with this short rear-hand punch usually requires your foot to by next to his on the outside.

-Loll him to sleep by tapping him with this rear-hand and ripping hooks, throwing jabs and hitting harder with the jabs, then, when he gets used to it, blast him with the right and turn that punch over. On the bag this is a good way to make sure you can punch through a target, by ranging it with a short right and then blasting it from that range.

-If this is MMA and you want to avoid the clinch, a street altercation where he might have a knife or a boxing bout with a beast who you don’t want to dig in with, follow this rear-hand jab with a power lead hand, grinding the balls of that foot in hard as you shift weight into it and let that rear foot dangle and drag around, closing your targets off, while using the torque of the power jab to get away from his rear right hand.

The double-ended bag is great for this drill as is the reflex bag. Use this in shadowboxing and sparring and avoid doing these hard lead foot pivots on carpet, puzzle mats or other surfaces that might cause your foot to get hung up and tear the knee.

The Punishing Art

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Sam J.July 4, 2018 4:24 AM UTC

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" Dirk Manly July 03, 2018 4:21 PM


We need to start an email campaign to Bill Kristol

"Lynching is our strength"

And of course

You may run,

and you may hide,

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"Lynching is our strength", that cracks me up. I found this hilariously funny. You mileage may vary.