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‘Our Bone and Blood’
The Last Kingdom, A Pay TV Miniseries

Set in 866 during the Danish invasions of England, The Last Kingdom features realistic low budget combat, some unfortunate tropes, such as an amazon love interest, but manages to paint a tolerable picture of the reign of Alfred the Great. The first few episodes are the story of a boy who is the second son of a minor king and is captured and adopted by a Danish warlord. Reminiscent of HBO’s Rome, with a minor character written in for a ride along with a historic figure, serendipity is predictably overused. But intelligently neutral treatment of Norse Heathenism and English Christianity offset the stock tropes and most of all, we don’t have homo-sex pushed on us in the formative stages of the series.

The Last Kingdom is not movie quality in production value and is saddled with a fair burden of modern conventions, but is a tolerable treatment of masculinity in the Dark Ages of Materialism and the High Age of Heroism, and makes available a bit of escapist reflection for an anachronistic soul too tired to read without falling asleep.

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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Bruno DiasJuly 7, 2018 5:48 PM UTC

This TV show is an adaptation of a novel of same name, written by Bernard Cornwell (The modern king of historical fiction).

i recomend you to check it out when you can, it's really good.