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I remember news coverage of the “Posse Comitatus” cult, vicious killers slaughtering law officers and spreading terror in an attempt to overthrow the U.S. Government. I never looked into it and have now watched the documentary Death & Taxes, a 1993 film by Country People Productions, viewed on You Tube with Nero the Pict in his York PA, bunker complex.

This is the story of Gordon Kahl, who was a highly decorated WWII B-25 bomber pilot who, upon coming home from war, felt guilty about “bombing children” in Burma and began reading about our system of government and determined that Washington D.C. was a satanic entity. He did not, however, take up guns against any government agency, but rather spoke about peaceful tax resistance. For instance, since he made less than $10k a year, he figured he should not be worried about filing taxes.

In this film, all federal officers and media people and the prosecuting attorney speak for themselves and come off utterly evil.

The people of North Dakota, Texas and Arkansas, who were beaten, cussed at and locked up by federal agents for lending Gordon a hand when he was in hiding from government assassins, all come off as believable, simple and honest folk. My favorite is the big Texan with giant hands who said, “If they gunned your son,” and offered the interviewer coffee. These people were scandalized by the foul mouths and blood lust of the feds more than their actions. This film is largely a study of the incompatible tempers of the urban and rural worldview…

…Wait, excuse me, I nodded into a hypnotic trance woven by the prestidigitating filmmakers and must amend my involuntary delusions typed above, which I am leavening for the reader as an illustration as to what pit of snakes one steps into whenever he considers any anti-Federal Government propaganda. Hell, without the U.S. Government, we would have never been able to defend against the invasions launched against this nation by Mexico, Spain, the Chinese Boxer Navy, Germany, Czarist Russia, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, the Koreans and Chinese, the Vietnamese, the Cambodians, Granada Armada, Panama, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Nigeria…

According to the deluded and biased and anti-government filmmakers, the sainted angels of our benevolent peace state behaved in the manner improbably described below:

Basically, what happened was this: while leaving a church meeting with his wife, son and another young man, U.S. marshals shot down Gordon Kahl’s son while cussing and threatening death. [It is so quaint how these stupid hicks want us to believe that just because federal agents scream profanity and eagerly threaten to kill at the top of their lungs while going about their business, that this is somehow an indication of bad character.] The other young man and his wife did no violence but were persecuted for being present. I believe the young fellow is still behind bars. Gordon gunned down two marshals and then went on the lamb, hiding out with sympathetic Christians, until a sheriff decided to take Gordon’s offer to peacefully surrender, and was then murdered along with Gordon in an Arkansas building, which was then set on fire and pumped with thousands of rounds to support a false flag terrorist battle narrative.

Of course, a responsible journalist, and someone who appreciates these various federal agencies reading this site enough to make it appear that I actually have a substantial readership, I cannot go on record in any way supporting this outrageous narrative. The most shocking thing is how candid and unrehearsed these rural witnesses seemed to be. One would think the back roads of fly over country would produce many more academy winning actors than they do with the believable performance these folks put on.

One thing I can note, is that such incidents as this, Move, which also happened in 1983, as well as the farm named after a precious stone and the church compound in a Texas town I cannot recall, remind me very much of the behavior demonstrated by the slave master system in Plantation America, when bands of armed holdouts who simply tried to live separately in remote corners of the wilderness, were visited with more violence than actual armies of slaves trying to overthrow the government.

That's right, Homefry, there is no linked to this subversive film, otherwise I'd be encouraging misguided folks to have their minds further subverted by such slick moviemaking.

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