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‘The Moonbeam Tax’
Declining Kingship from Cleveland to California

Recently, NBA front man Labron James left the dying city of Cleveland, which worshipped him in its troubled way for placing them on the media map for something other than police shootings, record overdoses and urban blight, in order to make more money playing for a soulless California metropolis.

The irony is, that once all of the California State taxes, including a moonlight tax [akin, it seems, to the Maryland rainwater tax, punishing homebuyers and owners for receiving Nature’s largess] that the high-flying low-IQ athlete, who will be erased by that which currently elevates him as soon as his term of sweaty service is complete, is not going to be bringing home anymore ever-devaluing currency on the Left Coast than he would have garnered remaining in the Rust Belt.

The public focus yet remains on the money, the foolish accounting of it all. However, the thought that no one seems capable of considering is what kind of dotage this man could have built for himself by demonstrating mere basic loyalty to the city that worshipped him. Imagine how much more sitting in luxury would mean to any marginally intact human with enough sense to understand that roots are the ever-grown health of any organism, particularly of the social kind, if he behaved as if he was a member of a community, if only the American ideal of a city was not entirely fictitious.

Imagine a world where the sweat slaves lucky enough to be extraordinarily talented built orphanages, churches, athletic fields and acted as community mediators, rather than aping their greedy masters, clutching at every dollar as if each were imprinted with IN GOD WE TRUST until their memory receded into a mere yardstick for the measurement of more efficiently enslaved bodies.

Imagine that.

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