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'MK-Ultra Drones?'
Man Question from Shep

Wonder how many of these MK-Ultra drones are out there?

Seems to me that someone is telling these guys to go role-play Jason Bourne.


Shep, if perhaps, I were I high school dropout who trained in swordsmanship as a boy hoping to discover a time machine he could use to go back in time and adventure in the ancient world, and I had also boxed unsuccessfully and read 1,152 books at a university archive while suffering through various concussions, one might imagine that I could concoct a government conspiracy about our intentionally emasculated and alienated young men—mostly without fathers—being targeted as false-flag assets to bring about comprehensive gun control and usher in the final version of the post-cultural police state.

But, fortunately, I am a high school dropout...


Where is my diploma, my PH.D whatchamacallit—what do you call that thing hanging on your office wall saying you're a Doc?

Where's my office?

Heck, where is my house?

I don't live here—do I?

What are all of these girly ruffles on my bed and the pink curtains?

Where is my desktop, my desk even?

Shoot, that's a makeup stand with a round mirror!

What the—where am I?

Oh, shoot. This doesn't look good.

Are those dudes in the suits and sunglasses Mormons or are they looking for me?

I hope they're selling solar panels—look at this neighborhood, lawns and kids and dogs that aren't pitbulls?

Where am I!?!

Shep, it's Sunday morning in Whitebreadistan and I'm giving an interview—a video interview for a documentary—to a young man researching the killing of U.S citizens by their benevolent servants... and these stories and the monthly attacks on schools in suburban voter-rich areas since the usurpation of the Media Throne by the Man from Awesome has got me worried that I might wake up in a hotel room full of guns I do not even know how to operate while a joint team of Chaos and Control agents stage my suicide...

No, Sir, there is not a chance that our heavily-armed servants would ever take measures aimed at getting us to agree to our own disarmament. I mean, this would only make sense if these people wanted to be our rulers and not our servants and who on earth would rather be our rulers than our servants?

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