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The Unspoken Person
The Day After Taylor Hayes Got Shot

The media storm around a 7-year-old girl being shot on a summer afternoon on a weekday in a high crime district on Baltimore’s Southwest War Zone brings a gaping void of unspoken culpability.

Taylor was sitting behind the driver of the car.

The driver is no relation to Taylor.

Next to Taylor sat a child presumed to be a relation to the driver.

The driver is one Darnell Homes, presumably, but not obviously, by name or mug shot, a female.

Those speaking for Taylor were mostly concerned that the unrelated person driving the car when Taylor was shot would not be blamed, that there should be “no rush to judgement.”

Holmes is not cooperating with police.

Taylor’s aunt spoke of her love for song and dance.

The child, said by a school official to be ever smiling and affectionate, is in intensive care with a gunshot wound through her back.

Although no parent was present to care for Taylor, who was being driven around by an unrelated woman, in a car with an empty passenger seat, under which was found a semi-automatic handgun with extended magazine and expended shell casings, indicating that a shooter had been active in the passenger’s seat and that Taylor was hit with returning fire, the family was described in glowing terms by news officials as having taken over the waiting room at the hospital as a kind of mourning camp, eating canned goods while the mother put up a go fund me page to cash in on the brutal result of her neglect of her daughter…

And no one asks why this child was brought along as a ride along on a drive-by shooting.

The family’s first public message was one of criminal solidarity with the woman who may have gotten their little girl slain.

This is how egg-hatching parents in Baltimore hit the lottery.

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