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‘Your Most Important Subject?’
How Would You Prioritize Your Writing Genres?

This is a question from Nero the Pict put to me a two weeks back.

#1: Fiction

To me, the most important subject is fiction, to explore what it is to be human in a largely inhuman world. This is far and away the most important area of the writing discipline to me, personally as a writer. This is an area that is of great social importance, as fiction in literature finds its way into comics and movies which shape the way the quivering mass mind of humanity thinks or feels about reality. For instance, the toxic genre of the superhero was created to destroy the foundational heroic mythology of the Aryan races and to align the mind with an atheistic hierarchy of supplication rather than with the transcendental aspirations of our ancestors. This is my worst selling genre. I sell a work of fiction about once a month.

#2: History

As my soul needs to find expression in fiction my mind cannot stop digging into the foundational lies of the delusion of modernity. I have to write this stuff and it is my second worst selling genre.

3: Masculinity

This is my third writing passion, but is probably the most important genre I write in as the only hope for humanity to avoid computation into a post-human hive organism is for men to rediscover what they once were. These books sell well for me.

#4: Impressions

Word sketches of real people in the real world are foundational to my ability to write fiction and history and anthropology, but are of slim interest to my readership.

#5 Literary Commentary

Engagement in this process is a way for me to thank the long dead writers who posthumously saved my soul from this machine. I hardly sell any of this stuff.

#6 Anthropology

The study of livening people and their circumstances comprises an ongoing education as a writer and aspiring thinker and forms the foundation for my violence books. This comprises the larger portion of the Harm City project and sells moderately.

#7 Violence & Survival

The operational deductions gleaned from the extensive oral histories gathered were the purpose for gathering them, and a purpose in my mind eclipsed by the actual human fabric of the oral histories. This is a good selling category for me.

#8 Combat

Books on how to fight are my least favorite to write, sell the most by far and will be the first genre I cease publishing in, with my last fighting book just begun. These books are by far the best selling genre I write in.

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DonJuly 10, 2018 8:39 PM UTC


Do you intend to complete your boxing history?

Thanks, Don
responds:July 12, 2018 9:43 PM UTC

I have been working on The Boxer Dread for 20 years now and will continue for another 2 years before it is done. I have 600 pages of notes to convert to text by hand so it will take some while. that will be the final 4th book in The Broken Dance.

Thanks for your interest, Don.