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Thanks to You
I’m Headed into the Sunset

The past few weeks have been crazy unburdening possessions, fencing with censors and wrapping up projects to make mental room to…wrap up more projects.

I could not have embarked on this endeavor without very specific assistance and financial support from Ron West, Nero the Pict, Manny Soprano, Bran Mak Sworn, Mescaline Franklin, Ishmael, the Checkered Demon, Erique Watson, Uber Joe, Shep, The Leveler, Tony Cox, SS Sam, Colin GoodDiction, and those site and Patreon donors who wish to remain anonymous.

Thanks, it is 7/10/18 and I won’t be posting for a couple days, so have posted some additional installments of Ron West’s serialized books.

Books by James LaFond

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