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‘Against Expert Consensus’
Cunt News Network versus the Man from Awesome

Sitting in a train station, somewhere between the Sold Coast and the Left Coast, I am assailed by a four person news panel, all of whom have the same exact opinion on the American Usurper:

-Russia, wrong

-NATO, wrong

-China, wrong

-Tariffs, wrong

-Jobs, wrong

-Immigration, wrong

-Supreme Court nomination, wrong

-Pardoning persecuted ranchers, wrong

-Peace with North Korea, wrong

One panel member even said that everything that the King of New York has ever said in public is a complete lie, that this man has never told the truth about anything.

I am an inmate of the mind farm known as the United States of America, and this man is its elected leader, so my sentiments for him, as my warden, are limited. However, when the people in the news media who lie about virtually everything, declare that he lies about everything without exception and when they do not even make a show of inviting an expert or even partisan to speak his case, one grows suspicious.

The most self-indicting statement made on this narrowcast, was that Trump is wrong because “He is going against a Republican consensus, against Democratic consensus and against Expert consensus.”

Hearing this, once again, voiced by a stridently shrill female moderator, directing the commentary of various male experts, all pointing out that The Man from Awesome is wrong because he is in disagreement with the oligarchs of this evil nation and their high priests, reminds me of the process of alienation in junior high school. I could care less about the Man from Awesome’s attempts to stave off war and economic collapse—actually, I would decry them if I didn’t admire his swimming against the oligarchic current—as he is attempting to hold back the collapse of the most evil system over visited upon mankind and I believe mankind’s only chance to avoid upload into some universal slave matrix is for modernity to dissolve under its own hideous weight.

At the very least, He Most Hated, is making my masters sweat between the strokes applied to my reluctant mind.

Alienation Nation: Surviving Cultural Free Fall

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BobJuly 13, 2018 8:36 PM UTC

Well he's genuinely hated by the domestic Lords of the Word but has already shown himself to be a loyal servant of the foreign Lords of the Word. Absent from the laundry list of disagreements between the factions is Iran. One suspects unanimity on the need to intervene militarily. "Crisis initiation", not MAGA, is Trump's real brief.
Sam J.July 13, 2018 1:03 PM UTC

Luther Ingram - If lovin you is wrong i don't wanna be right