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Guess Who is Not Listed as an American Race by One Private Human Resources Department?

My young lady friend, Jill, recently landed a job working for a state contractor in the Mid-Atlantic region.

When I asked how her first day at work was she responded:

“I have an interesting tidbit I think you will love!

“When I was filling out paperwork, it asked for my race. Here were the options in order:


Native American

Black/African American



Love you!


Jill, I recently received three surveys from the hospital, which treated me early this year, concerning my race and my language identity. As of my leaving Baltimore I declined to fill out these forms. Interestingly, Latino /Hispanic was not listed as a race, but as a separate category of Spanish speaking people. So, if you are Latino on that survey, you would have to decide if you were a black, Asian, white or Pacific Islander Latino. Speaking of Pacific Islanders, they got three racial designations on this form.

Both private corporations, National and Multinational and the United States seem to be discouraging employment of Caucasians. They are also encouraging Latinos to subdivide—not by nationality as is their wont—but along Anglo-style color lines, obviously in order to foment false racial hatred within Latino society in America, as the current nationalistic self-segregation of Latinos might keep alive the hated notion of nationalism.

The System wishes Latinos to forget they are Peruvian or Salvadoran and identify as Spanish-Speakers and also according to global race categories; so keep in mind that it is in the best interest of private corporations to destroy nation states so that such states might not be able to act on behalf of their citizens. The best way to destroy a nation state is to destroy its ethnic homogeneity and then subdivide the population along as many antipathy fault lines as possible. Notions of color-based race subdivision is preferable to cultural subdivisions, as individual cultures could resist the multi-national organism, whereas people who identify according to an extra-national, extra-cultural, extra-ethnic, meta-zoological idea of race [the mechanism by which European culture has been destroyed] have no cultural cohesion.

It is a fact, that the comprehensive failure of many peoples of European descent to preserve their culture is a direct result of our abandonment of ethnic, cultural and national identity for the false ideal of white identity; and as soon as Americans, for instance, became comfortable with being white rather than Irish-American, Anglo-American, etc., we were targeted with the indefensible label of white privilege, Just as, some day, speaking Spanish will be tied to an ancestral advantage that must be corrected against. For now, though, our cartoonish notions of race, as defined by misidentified pigmentation and misunderstood colonial oppression, will serve the system well as a vector for progressive invalidation of all human culture.

Young lady, be content to list your race as “other” and consign yourself to statistical alienation, rather than declaring yourself “white” and embracing demographic extinction.

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Here is my brainchild for setting precedent holding intelligence agencies and their political enablers responsible for war crimes. This is a true copy of my filing with the International Criminal Court, also online at:

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Ron West

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