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Prison Rape
The Feminization of Ghost Men

A reader writes:

“I was researching male-on-male rape in prison, which, of course, seems to get practically no attention. A lot of it goes down as I suspected, with the non-white inmates raping the white inmates.

“Below is just one of the stories I read, word for word, and the site I got it from is below it. This is another danger of the feminization of the white man. And, prison serves as a microcosm of the consequences of white guilt, and where the white man can "pay for slavery" with his own ass. It speaks more on your point of how this current climate seeks to eliminate masculinity, especially in the white man.

Why prison sexual assault occurs: Part of it is revenge against what the non-white prisoners call, "The White Man," meaning authority and the justice system. A common comment is, "ya'll may run it out there, but this is our world!" More of it I think is the assaulters own insecurities and them trying to gain some respect in their peer group by showing that they "are a man." This subculture is concerned with appearances, and the more imposing an appearance, the more respect you command. Some of the guys I rode with didnt want any sex or $. They just wanted the status of having a "Kid." Naturally, I liked them best.

— S.H., Texas, 9/10/96

From No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons - Prisoners' Voices

-No Johnson

Prison & Emasculation

First, a brief overview of what I have gleaned from speaking with men who have been in prison.

-Where whites are not a minority in prison, they don’t suffer this form of rectal reparations. In an Oregon prison, for instance, Jim Goad told me in a recent interview that this stuff just didn’t happen.

-Blacks are the least effective combatants in prison, so when there is a strong white gang or dominant Latino gang in prison this usually only happens to whites who don’t play ball with the white gang.

-Latinos don’t embrace this rape culture in prison. In fact, in majority Latino prisons the Mexican Mafia has been known to honor white cop killers in various ways, including making sure that inmates do not attack them.

-When whites are raped by blacks it is often with the assistance of prison guards or by prison guards.

-Prison guards commit more rapes than any other group, particularly black prison guards.

-White youths in juvenile detention suffer from rape at a higher level than any other group.

-When blacks do not have a dominant hand in a prison—such as in the Hagerstown Facility in Maryland, where the biker inmates smoked them in a fight—they tend to have voluntary sex with each other, something called “prison gay.”

-All a paleface in prison has to do is immediately beat the piss out of a threatening individual in a public place, taking extra time added to his sentence to establish deterrence.

My opinion is that the American Corrections System is an extension of universal slavery, which existed up until about 1840, with whites enslaved alongside blacks. The idea that only blacks were enslaved in America is a 20th century invention intended to demoralize white Americans into willingly suffering from predatory government programs and government-encouraged black-on-white crime. The 14th Amendment did not ban slavery, it simply stipulated that people who broke laws were the only ones that would be enslaved, which is exactly how this nation was populated, by shipping off whites guilty of such crimes as pennilessness, joblessness and homelessness into slavery from roughly 1600 through 1800. The U.S. Federal, State and Local Governments gain the following benefits from incarcerating disproportionately large numbers of its citizens [more than any other nation, per capita and gross numbers]:

-1: The corrections system is the only state, municipal or federal activity that turns a profit for the government. This is a way to monetize men who have no productive capacity in civilian life.

-2: The corrections system is the place where hardened criminals are manufactured, where the most powerful drug gangs have been born and continue to grow. These gangs serve the will of the government by supplying massive amounts of drugs to the population, so that they will remain stoned and read nothing like this.

-3: Men who are incarcerated for felonies, or who commit felonies defending themselves in prison, when released, may not vote. Since many more men are incarcerated than women, and since women are already more numerous than men, this assures an electorate stilted towards safety, security and increased police strength. This effect can be seen most drastically among blacks in American Cities like Baltimore where the black female electorate votes in black female politicians.

-4: By criminalizing and hardening large numbers of men, most of whom are released numerous times, crimes rates stay high, frightening the majority female electorate into voting for more government aggression.

-5: The promotion of black on white rape culture by the corrections system, by the media [its often a joke on cop shows] the government has weaponized the black prison population as a threat to any white man who would break the law, by defending himself for instance. This has resulted in very high levels of law compliance among white men.

Mister No Johnson, the five points I raise above combine to form the condition known as anarcho-tyranny, by which a government without a legitimate mandate to rule cultivates a virulent criminal class from among minority groups and immigrants in order to terrorize the productive, taxable members of the population into obeying unjust laws and supporting ever-expanding police state powers. For proof look to the practice of federal agencies targeting white prison gangs almost exclusively, their key leaders all in solitary confinement, feared like comic book villains, as Latino and black gangs only earn such scrutiny when they target members of government and law enforcement.

In terms of emasculation the combined welfare and prison system and drug war has utterly gutted black and white men and left Latinos with the only ethnic masculine culture in this nation. Black and white men who seek masculine culture have resorted to violent gang activity or outlier fraternities. Keep in mind that the best person to emasculate a man is a woman or an emasculated male who has third party force backing their invalidating actions.

Right on White Time: The Black Spring Manual for Reparations Recover Agents with Justin W. R. Justice and T. Spoone Slickens

The Hunt for Whitey

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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BobJuly 20, 2018 11:28 PM UTC

White detainees are at least self-aware. Whites outside the walls still delude themselves into believing themselves free and in control.
JoeFourJuly 19, 2018 8:47 PM UTC

A disturbing but nevertheless great and very informative post! Thanks, James!

In the same vein, here is a link to an article written in 1995, titled "White Man in a Texas Prison." Nothing has changed since then...except maybe for the worse...