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A Hunted Pale Face
Debates a White Nationalist According to Our Ancient Standards of Civility

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Whitey to the Rescue


4:45 PM UTC

Use to wonder why you felt so much hostilities toward your own white race and why you wanted to be one of the main torturer of the white race in hell. Then I saw on the national news where a white male manager was calling the police on a black female . She recorded him on her phone. The guy was actually trembling while talking on the phone in front of everyone. I got literally sick watching it. Now I think I understand why you feel like you do.

James responded on Jul-20-2018 at 5:37 PM:

The main reason why I am naturally hostile—in my mind—to whites is that those are the people who have successfully attacked me as a little boy, as a young man, in my prime and as a faltering man. From the three white 2nd graders that beat me up on my first day of first grade to the people banning my books, they are all white.

On top of that, most whites so worship black superman and tremble anytime a black gets hostile with them, that I have been randomly attacked over 100 times—well over—by blacks thinking I was another easy slice of white meat.

This is not entirely rational of me but got jammed into my mind at age 6 and then in adulthood has been reinforced by unfortunate circumstance. Many whites think this makes me a race traitor, but I see it as a reaction to being betrayed by other whites.

Sam J.

I get why you feel this way but my thinking is that it's all a mater of proportion. If I go into a White neighborhood I'm less likely to be attacked as I would on a Black neighborhood. I certain;y don;t think all Whites are angels but compared to more dusky types, they are much less of a threat n general.

I'm a White Nationalist for one reason. The group that sticks together is more powerful. There's a great article by Unz on the Jews. He says that he thinks Hitler learned from the Jews that sticking together as a race is very powerful. After all the Jews being small in numbers had great power. Think how much more powerful the Germans could be if they did the same. Hitler was right about this until everyone else ganged up on the Germans and crushed them.

Although it's portrayed as evil looking after your people first doesn't mean you have to necessarily abuse or hate anyone else. I admire the Japanese a great deal and have enjoyed the ones I met but I would raise tariffs on them in a heartbeat because they do the same to us. My people first.

I guess if I could have one overriding principle it would be let's see what we can do to help our people first before we start worrying about the Chinese or the Africans or anyone else. Have we done what we can do for Americans and have Whites done what they can for other Whites? Many times Whites will look at Whites who are more troublesome and write them off for certain behavior but I believe that they will let pass the same behavior of Blacks that they would in the exact same situation write off Whites altogether. The idea being Whites should know better but there's all kinds of Whites and some...don't know better. Some are just as fucked up as Blacks. Why can't we at least give them the same consideration that we would give other races?

James you might ought to think about this. Tally up all the time you spent among Whites and the travails you have suffered for it then EQUALLY tally all the time you've spent among Blacks and the travails you've suffered from them. It might put things in perspective.


You make a rational case, Sam J.

I hate nor do I abuse any one, human, subhuman or animal.

But I cannot harbor an animus against black men for attacking me anymore than I would hate a gun whose owner shot me.

"My" people, Sam ?

The people who bussed in the ebony attack dogs from the projects so that I could not sell my house, but had to walk away after 17 years of mortgage payments to save my family?

The people that taught my sons in school that everything I believed, and even what I did for a livening, was foolish?

The white professor who told my youngest son to distance himself from me in the eyes of his colleagues, to laugh me off to his bosses as a man going through a mid-life crises and trying to write for a living?

The three white construction workers who picked a fight with me one rainy morning when I could hardly stand, less than a year ago?

The two white women who have ripped me off and dumped me and put me out homeless on the street?

Should I really favor them because of the mutual conditions of our birth over the black woman who gave me a home without me asking when she figured out I was homeless.

Sam J., I've grown to like you, despite my suspicion that you are an FBI provocateur.

But if you and Ajay were both being attacked by a pack of ebony warriors, you'd have to hang on until I saved her chocolate smile first.

Speaking of which, last year Ajay came into Baltimore for a visit and bought me lunch. While I was interviewing her at the diner, she was cringing and worried that she was getting me in trouble because three big young white men in caps with blacked out American flags on them kept grilling her when I wasn't looking there way. I used the bathroom so I could check on her observations on the way back. I never attempt too kill men on a woman's say-so.

[Yes, Sam J., I have attempted to kill dozens of men in my life and am a total failure, as one can never underestimate a coward's ability to flee the scene or grovel on his knees when he figures out your mean to kill him.]

So, when I came back from the men's room I saw them grilling her, staring at her balefully, a woman under my protection, a chubby chocolate doll with a smile like Aunt Jemima and a voice like an angel, the only person other than my mother and my editor who wished me happy fathers day, the sweet girl who calls me Daddy.

I was unarmed and couldn't take out all three at once, so I followed them out with her and waited for them to split and then walked up to the one that was my size, holding her hand [or walking shoulder-to-shoulder, I forget], and grinned savagely in his doughy face as his cruelty gave way to cowardice and he quaked in terror. I overplayed my hand as she said, "Oh my God, you're crazy!"

My chance of decking him and then KOing the two big boys as they came on in detail—as they boarded two sides of a big truck and would be met in echelon—was ruined, by my savage desire to torment him for a moment before his head bounced off the pavement and my boot came down on his sissy jaw.

Those white people Sam, J? I should consider them before Ajay?

I don't think so.

Of course, most of those who know me consider me insane, so consider the source.

Look, I think I remember a couple of white nationalists giving me a mildly hard time for training black men, so here is a challenge. My most loyal fighter is Erique, who told me I am his "war chief and mentor." He will only date a woman on condition that she understands that he has an older white blood brother who is "a crazy old dude with conspiracy theories," and that she will have to "deal with that," as a condition of enjoying his significant protection.

I would be willing to accept a challenge by any five white nationalist champions, Erique and I, for a series of gentlemanly duels with sticks, bats, knives, machetes, axe handles, pipes or chains in a [first blood for edged weapons or submission for blunt weapons] contest of honor, full contact but sublethal bouts. I will even provide the fencing masks out of my $270 a month income. I am saying this without asking Erique, because I know he will do it, because he's more loyal to me than any member of my white family and is just as firm a comrade as the white men I train.

But I digress into the psychosis born when those three white 2nd graders beat me up on my first day of first grade. No wonder I distrusted the wisdom of white men who told me that whites fight man-to-man but blacks gang up, when my first call to concussion was a white pack attack. No wonder I felt confirmed in my distrust of white nationalists when a proto-white nationalist skinhead, who was larger and younger then me, sent four punks to kill me for treating our black crew members the same as him. No wonder I wasn't surprised when a [self-proclaimed] white nationalist cell in York PA left my cousin for dead, naked in the snow, because he declined to attack random black individuals as part of a predatory pack.

But I digress again...Sam J., rampant anti-social psychosis tends to be persistent, sorry...

It is my belief that black men in America have been emasculated to such a degree and manipulated by the system to be its attack dogs, that I count the hundreds of ebony man hunters who have threatened and attacked me over the past 37 years as so many weapons, devoid of agency and humanity, unless, like the man who tried sticking me up some 20 years ago, he submitted to my benevolence and accepted my helping hand into the ranks of MEN, when I offered to interview him about his stickup business rather than give him the $18 in my wallet.

See when You're Food.

When You're Food: Raw:

A Fighter’s View of Predatory Aggression: The Forever Autumn Press Edition

James responded on Jul-21-2018 at 12:27 AM:

No doubt blacks are more violent, by a 39-1 ratio in Baltimore, according to my own study.

I just have an animus toward white people, like the 5 white guys who attacked or threatened me last year, who chose to pick a fight with a small, older white man limping along on a cane, when, at the same time, they suck black dick or pimp out their girlfriends for their drugs and hand over their wallets without a fight to the same black men who I have successfully defended against over a hundred times.

I was literally one of only three white men fighting the race purge raiders for three years, in my portions of Baltimore City and Baltimore County, and what did I get for it?

I got attacked by 5 white men in my last six months on the street.

Yes, I was attacked by around 34 black men over the same period, but they were raised to do this, to hate me, to hunt me, were taught in school and by the media that I am a hated enemy who robbed them in the womb of a fair chance in life. These low-IQ idgets believe this and went to war against the great, evil, white race in their tiny minds every time they decided to waylay me over the past three years.

I cannot fault a half-formed human with no agency, no morality and limited self-control for attacking who his mamma and the school system and the media have told him to attack.

However, I recognize the potential for human agency in men of my own type and hence judge them harshly when they seek to do me harm out of a mean desire to vent their sadistic impulses on the only man they have probably met who has stood up to their ebony oppressors—especially when he was getting to the point where he could have damned-well used a hand.

All acts of violence against me, up until 2015, are documented in 40,000 Years from Home.

40,000 Years from Home

Additional Encounters appear in White in The Savage Night and Autumn in a Dying City, banned by amazon but available on kindle.

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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Sam J.July 25, 2018 7:33 AM UTC

I was reading some nonsense on 8chan and they were posting a document by a supposed group that met in Canada long ago. A jpournalist got a hold of it from disgruntled Canadian and French intelligence agents and and printed it. Of course he ended up in jail and one day after he's released, heart attack. ANyways it struck me something you said fit EXACTLY like their plan to rukle the world. You're world view is 100% what they panned. get this.

"...The foundation of "Western Society", in essence, comes straight from the Judeo-Christian heritage. Precisely the same legacy that made the "Family", the "Node", and the "Cornerstone" of all the current social structure. Our predecessors who had financed the revolutionary writers of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century had understood the importance of splitting, then to break, this "vital core" if they wanted in Russia to achieve the new "Communist system" of the time..."

"...To succeed with certainty to the construction of a World Government, [A] where all individuals without exception, will be subject to the "World State" of the "New Order", we must, first, remove the "Family" (which will, in turn, lead to the loss of ancestral religious teachings), and secondly, levelling all individuals by removing the "Social Classes", in particular, the "Middle Classes". But we must proceed so that all these are seen as being from the popular will, that they have the appearance of "Democracy"..."

Like it or not Whites are your family. Genetically they are major closer to you than Blacks or Chinese or Jews or whoever. By making like hell they have split you, and everyone around you, into individual faceless masses. In your case it troubles you so much you, I believe, have fantasies of going out in a blaze of violent confrontation of some sort. You have children but don't consider all the other White children of any use to you.

I'm sorry I write of these things to you. I do so not out of malice but to get you to reconsider some of your ideas and maybe have some long term goals that are not so violent and would help other Whites just as confused as you.

Now I'm a sorry specimen of a human being so I'm not in any way claiming any sort of superiority at ALL, except...I know who my enemies are they're not Whites in general. Sure some are but they're just average fucked up people. I can't even blame the SJW's totally as I used to be brain addled like them. I just didn't realize that all my life I had been fed a steady diet of lies and stupidity. There's hope.
Sam J.July 25, 2018 5:29 AM UTC

I was rereading your comment." first call to concussion was a white pack attack...", and the brilliant idea occurred to me maybe you just hit your head too much.

:) :) :)
responds:July 25, 2018 6:49 AM UTC

That's a fact, Sam J.

Thanks for getting me to write this thing.
Sam J.July 25, 2018 5:26 AM UTC

I totally get your point. By the same token they are doing you wrong and NOT living by the rules I want. Now I can't do anything about that but I can tell you that I believe that if you look OVERALL at the total number of Whites vs Blacks that have caused you trouble you will find Blacks a far bigger problem.You must also make sure you account for exposure. For example if you went to school with a lot of Whites and were attacked more by Whites then...well that says nothing about the frequency of attacks "per race".

I'm going to insult you a little here, my apologies, but you yourself have said the Whites left in Baltimore after the Dindus moved in were not the finest bunch in the litter. I suspect if you hung around Whites in other places you might have a different opinion.

I don't think WN is some perfect thing where we will all be brothers and sway around doing some silly assed dance, embrace as we weep in each others arms, but I would like for Whites to just take the side of Whites first whenever they can. A lot of the animus Whites have for each other is status displays. They don't believe that Blacks even begin to displace them in "status" so they ignore what they do and throw their hatred on Whites that "they would never act like that" while ignoring the chaos that Blacks are causing as beneath them.

I liked Bob's comment,"...swing away from empathy towards pragmatism...". This is very much where I'm at. Everyone else is ganging up on Whites but if we stuck together just a little we could forcefully push our interest with little strain.

Joe said,"...I am an ethnonationalist, I see that European culture and tradition has been lost, in the West at least, and the weak state that has left whites in is being ruthlessly exploited..."


Danila Bagrov,“...what have whites done for me?..”

A lot. Never forget that the White people who made our country, while far from perfect, purposely set up a system that worked much better than 95% of everything else. With all the abuse of some Whites against others how is it any different in any other country? None and if an absolute tally could be made they're mostly worse.This is actually some of the defeatist warped thinking I'm against. Somehow if Whites don't do everything perfect, with perfect outcomes then...they suck. That's just foolish and factually wrong. White people are being too hard on themselves and each other. Get over this pity party where White people should be prefect or "I'll take my ball home and not play at all". This is why we're losing. If we stuck together and just followed one rule, Whites first and the rule to judge that by is the same for Whites, Blacks, Asians or whatever then we would be doing fine.

By the way"what have Blacks ever done for me?" not a damn thing but grief.

"...This country was founded for making money at that is all it will ever be for..."

Most countries are like this. Japan does do a good job of looking after their people first. Even if they do have issues at times.

I will note that all this business where Whites have to be great warriors and fight constantly is bullshit. If we looked after Whites first the police would drag the Dindus off when they attacked us and leave them in jail for a long enough period that they wouldn't be a problem. This is what happened after Regan got all these laws passed to put them away. Crime went down due to lack of Dindus. It's also EXACTLY what happened in NYC when Giuliani started cracking down on Blacks by frisking them and if they had weapons, which a lot did, and if they were felons, which a lot were, then he marched them off to the poky and locked them up. Crime plummeted. That's what I'm talking about as a first positive step. You don't have to like other Whites to stick together and make the place safer.
Danila BagrovJuly 23, 2018 2:06 AM UTC

White nationalism should be considered a psyop at this point. Sad so many lost souls have been taken in by it. In line with James’ sentiment I am forced to ask: “what have whites done for me?”. Whites in America are cowards, a non-people who will remain as such.

This country was founded for making money at that is all it will ever be for. Those who fail to see this are either fools, nuts or liars.
responds:July 23, 2018 1:38 PM UTC

Thanks, Danila.

According to my research "white" as a racial macro-grouping was encouraged by banking interests circa 1600 as a way to bind slave traders and planters of pale complexion together in their dual goals of trafficking in poor ethnic whites and non-whites, and began to take hold circa 1750 as a term that denies real racial identities, like Irish, Scottish and Welsh.
PRJuly 22, 2018 8:04 PM UTC

Count me as firmly in the "LaFond" camp. I've had too many experiences with sissy whites trying to grab my guns or take away my freedoms while enabling invaders from foreign countries to count them amongst "my people." Look at these Deep State whites like Hitlary or Strozk or Brennan: all of them are loathsome. This is true even in foreign countries. Rhodesia and South Africa collapsed because of white liberals and businessmen bringing more Bantus in and then giving them handouts and finally putting them in charge. No "good deed" goes unpunished.

There are white people with whom I'm ideologically aligned but very few are ready to stand up for themselves to HR, much less physically.

Black people are right to prey on us.

The first place for us all to look for the source of our problems is in the mirror.
JoeJuly 22, 2018 12:32 PM UTC

James, I heard you on Luke Ford's stream and was intrigued. I'd already come across this site a few years previously and it was good to put a voice to the words.

Like you, I was bullied at school (and more relentlessly at home) to a degree and came to some understanding of male hierarchical dynamics. I decided I didn't want to compete in that particular contest. I learnt to respond to bullying by not backing down and that eased my passage at school. I took this avoidance into adulthood and regret that I did, but more on that later. What struck me about your description is that it didn't quite fit with my school experiences. The main difference was that, although there were bullies, there were also a few alpha kids who would not tolerate bullying and sort of kept the bullying aspect in check as a result. There was peer pressure to not be a bully, to fight fairly and to be honourable.

There were no black kids in my school or area, so can't speak to the race thing, though I latter did live among blacks and began to see the black dynamic at work. I have never witnessed the same honour and decency among black kids that I did with the white kids I grew up with. They have a mercilessness in violent confrontations that white kids just cannot quite fathom. And it's this brutality that, for me, marks out blacks from whites. That's simply my experience in London England.

An anecdote. I have only once in my life been cornered for a mugging and that was with a bunch of white kids. I was 14 at the time and had just gone downtown to buy some shoes. When they approached me and asked for money, I simply told them that I only had my train fare. They looked at each other shrugged their shoulders and went on their way. Do you think that would happen if I had been cornered by black?

I've been a default liberal all of my life, but I now see it as a poison that has turned whites into an aberration. The honour that I grew up with has gone. Maybe that process took a hold earlier in the USA, I don't know. What I do know is that the corrosive effect of progressive politics has turned us against each other, eroded the good things about us. I embraced it fully, becoming a hedonistic hippy who disavowed patriarchy and hierarchy and lived a life of a singular pursuit of comfort. That detour is the single most regrettable thing I have done in my life. I effectively became a pussy.

Now I would not say I'm a white nationalist, but I am an ethnonationalist, I see that European culture and tradition has been lost, in the West at least, and the weak state that has left whites in is being ruthlessly exploited. I won't go into the JQ, but that's a big component in our demise. Consequently I'm an advocate for Europeans wherever they may live. We are worth saving. As a matter of fact it's essential we fight back and reestablish ourselves for all of our sakes, blacks and whites alike. I say this because, despite your experiences, there is a decency in the DNA of whites (not the pathological elites) that needs to be preserved for the good of all. This is why I wrote this little diatribe.
responds:July 23, 2018 1:45 PM UTC

Excellent case, Joe.

Thank you.

I have only been around a sound hierarchy of whites as men in the workplace and gym.

In all the 6 schools I went to it was straight predatory bullying of a low physical intensity and high mental intensity. Your school experience suggests that you lived in a place with more functional morality than Washington PA or Baltimore Maryland.

As to the kids not taking your bus fare, if they had been black kids they would have taken your shoes and clothes and left you one sock for your dick and told you if you ever trespassed again without money with their time you would get hurt badly—that is if you didn't fight. If you fought and lost they kill or maim you. If you fought and won they would turn on each other and you'd get a Tonto style sidekick out of it.

BobJuly 21, 2018 10:54 PM UTC

The very fact that whites are able to judge their own race with a modicum of objectivity is implicitly white, ha ha. No other race can run relatively peaceful multicultural undertakings like whites (think South Africa, British India, Malaysia or Australian PNG).

Other racial groups are less able to tone down their ingroup loyalties to accommodate "diversity". Just ask blacks in Latin America.

Pendulum will swing away from empathy towards pragmatism once the doers, the enablers, those who pull down over $250k p.a., see the system fail them. Right now, they're still doing fine.
SeekerJuly 21, 2018 12:00 PM UTC

Seems to be no other recourse but to be taboo man in present day society ! I'm not a follower so I don't join groups. I also don't consider myself a leader so walk the taboo man path. I do try to get along with all races without sacrificing my own soul and losing myself in the matrix of society. Thanks for being a light in the darkness even though the darkness seems to be getting stronger and trying even harder to extinguish the light that's left.
responds:July 21, 2018 5:51 PM UTC

I feel your path and wish you the best.