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The North American Land Whale and Beyond

Hi James -

I hope all is well with you and yours.

Appreciate you keeping my name off your site.

Been thinking about weight classes for fighting and the relative value of training.

If you have answered this question somewhere already, just point me to it:

What is your sense of how much difference in training, experience & attitude can make up for how much difference in weight?

Basic scenario - trained & experienced fighter vs. untrained & inexperienced but (how much?) larger foe. Assume adversary is somewhat fitter than the average North American Land Whale.

Ultimately I'm looking for ways to make sure my daughters understand that Hollywood is blowing a buncha smoke up their butt about kick ass women.

I may be in Harm City for business in a month or three, maybe we can connect over dinner or a drink.

In the meanwhile, stay prolific.


B.A. Bruiseinski

First, size and density are roughly even factors. Compare a North American land Whale to a chimp, for instance—that turns into Midget King Kong versus Pulled Pork. That is the big problem with women. A fit woman is as soft as an out of shape man, especially where it counts, joints, hands, arms, chest. Many Soprano recently took a fighter of mine and me to a strip club with gorgeous whores wriggling all about, who would not keep their hands off of us. My guy, recently divorced, said, “Wow, I forget how soft women were!”

Before we ever get to skill we must consider that even with a superiorly conditioned female against a normal male, we are ramming aluminum against steel, pine against oak, muscle against fat, dog bones against bird bones.

With an even body density level, I use the following weight class compensators:

-Skilled versus unskilled, 1 weight class

-Experienced versus inexperienced, 1-6 weight classes depending on the disparity

-Talented versus untalented [Lomenchenko versus LaFond] 1-6 weight classes

However, realistically any dangerous attacker has these advantages:

-More fit

-More experienced


-More numerous

-the element of surprise or at least initiative

This is why female martial arts experience and nerd martial arts experience, tend to mean almost nothing unless the aggressor lacks the all crucial element of success in any form of aggression, will. In other words, if the thug is not serious, the girl has a chance once the testosterone hits the estrogen.

Do not discourage your ladies from learning combat, because the lack of will among criminals is over 50%. They must, however, concentrate on the type of footwork used in stick fighting and knife fighting. Look at the slow soaring in the videos linked below. The woman must move like I am moving, not like my partner, who is working hard on breaking out of martial arts convention, which is essentially confrontational. Our size disparity is about the minimum male-female disparity. Rather than practice KOing goons, like in a fantasy movie, ladies must train to control the combat space.

Letters from Planet Meathead: A Fighter’s View of Postmodern Physical Culture

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B.A. BruiseinskiJuly 25, 2018 4:56 AM UTC

Thank you James.
MannyJuly 22, 2018 10:30 PM UTC

This was so evident when you were training with our women recently. They have no fighting chance in the face of a real man aggressor.

On another note, I have recently heard from some gorgeous wriggling whores wondering where are the men from Baltimore.

Miss you brother.
responds:July 23, 2018 1:38 PM UTC

Miss you too Manny, and the gorgeous wriggling whores.