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‘What Really Pissed Me Off’
Big Ron On Alien Slavery in Postmodern America

Written in April, 2017

The following monologue by Big Ron, as he and Erique sat at the bar last Monday night, brought to mind the many apologists for slavery past, historians who claim Roman slaves were treated like family, white identitiarians like Jared Taylor who claim that most Negro chattel were treated with benign care and just about every American who will claim, with no basis in fact, that so-called “indentured servants” who were in fact white slaves and rarely toiling under terms of indenture, were treated like valued employees, not knowing that employee comes from the term in French to use, as a tool is used. So, for you slave apologists out there, who cannot fathom that slaves were beaten regularly in an age when children were typically beaten on a daily basis by their parents, and who cannot bring yourselves to believe that people of 300 years past operated from different value systems than we do today, here is what Ron had to say about working with illegal aliens, about what really disgusted him.

There was a lot that pissed me off about working on job sites with illegals.

First, these guys are getting ripped off. On a site where I am getting paid 3-40 dollars an hour these guys were getting paid eight, and that’s just thievery, taking what’s owed to them because they have no recourse, because they can’t go to the law. So the Mexican has got to bear it because he’s got his wife and kids at home in Mexico that need that money.

Second, there is what it does to me, how it drives down my wages and dries up my work opportunities. That’s just The Man doing what he can to use one group low on the totem pole to screw another group and screw them both in the bargain.

Probably the worst thing about working with illegals is that they aren’t lazy white boys afraid to pick up a hammer or break a sweat and they aren’t no-good dindus that just want to get high on the site and hide in a box, its that they’re men and behave according to our standards on the site and then you have to see them get injured and dumped. I’ve seen it many a time that a Mex, who ain’t got no medical and ain’t covered under no insurance ‘cause he’s an illegal, gets hurt bad—even blood squirting injuries that need stitched up—and the boss just chucks him in the truck and drops him off on the sidewalk in front of an emergency room and goes gets him another [Mex] at the 7-11 the next morning.

Of course, the Mex’s know that’s the deal and they hang tough. But what pisses me off the most is that they get a boy’s wage for a man’s job, when they’re doin’ that job. That has always pissed me off.

So, if in Baltimore City, from 2000 through 2015, this man saw repeated incidents of undocumented workers being injured and discarded, how is it such a stretch that the same exact thing would have happened in a time when employers owned their employees as “property” and were permitted to beat them up to 30 strokes at a time and had total control over their nutrition and medical care, in an age when no master [1] ever lost his life or freedom for killing a slave?


There was one 18th century Maryland couple who, after repeatedly torturing and killing white slaves for sport, were barred from owning anymore humans, which must have come as quite a stroke of bad luck for their four-legged livestock.

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