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A Diatribe on Postmodern Tribes
Joe and James Discuss Bullying


James, I heard you on Luke Ford's stream and was intrigued. I'd already come across this site a few years previously and it was good to put a voice to the words.

Like you, I was bullied at school (and more relentlessly at home) to a degree and came to some understanding of male hierarchical dynamics. I decided I didn't want to compete in that particular contest. I learnt to respond to bullying by not backing down and that eased my passage at school. I took this avoidance into adulthood and regret that I did, but more on that later. What struck me about your description is that it didn't quite fit with my school experiences. The main difference was that, although there were bullies, there were also a few alpha kids who would not tolerate bullying and sort of kept the bullying aspect in check as a result. There was peer pressure to not be a bully, to fight fairly and to be honourable.

There were no black kids in my school or area, so can't speak to the race thing, though I latter did live among blacks and began to see the black dynamic at work. I have never witnessed the same honour and decency among black kids that I did with the white kids I grew up with. They have a mercilessness in violent confrontations that white kids just cannot quite fathom. And it's this brutality that, for me, marks out blacks from whites. That's simply my experience in London England.

An anecdote. I have only once in my life been cornered for a mugging and that was with a bunch of white kids. I was 14 at the time and had just gone downtown to buy some shoes. When they approached me and asked for money, I simply told them that I only had my train fare. They looked at each other shrugged their shoulders and went on their way. Do you think that would happen if I had been cornered by black?

I've been a default liberal all of my life, but I now see it as a poison that has turned whites into an aberration. The honour that I grew up with has gone. Maybe that process took a hold earlier in the USA, I don't know. What I do know is that the corrosive effect of progressive politics has turned us against each other, eroded the good things about us. I embraced it fully, becoming a hedonistic hippy who disavowed patriarchy and hierarchy and lived a life of a singular pursuit of comfort. That detour is the single most regrettable thing I have done in my life. I effectively became a pussy.

Now I would not say I'm a white nationalist, but I am an ethnonationalist, I see that European culture and tradition has been lost, in the West at least, and the weak state that has left whites in is being ruthlessly exploited. I won't go into the JQ, but that's a big component in our demise. Consequently I'm an advocate for Europeans wherever they may live. We are worth saving. As a matter of fact it's essential we fight back and reestablish ourselves for all of our sakes, blacks and whites alike. I say this because, despite your experiences, there is a decency in the DNA of whites (not the pathological elites) that needs to be preserved for the good of all. This is why I wrote this little diatribe.


Excellent case, Joe.

Thank you.

I have only been around a sound hierarchy of whites as men in the workplace and gym.

In all the 6 all white schools I went to it was straight predatory bullying of a low physical intensity and high mental intensity. Your school experience suggests that you lived in a place with more functional morality than Washington County PA or Baltimore County Maryland.

As to the kids not taking your bus fare, if they had been black kids they would have taken your shoes and clothes and left you one sock for your dick and told you if you ever trespassed again without money worth their time you would get hurt badly—that is if you didn't fight. If you fought and lost they'd kill or maim you. If you fought and won they would turn on each other and you'd get a Tonto style sidekick out of it.

Joe, I am putting this exchange in Within the Reduction Engine, probably to see print in a year. When it comes out remind me I owe you a copy.

This subject is addressed at length on Woke devil, due out around January 2019.

Let the World Fend for Itself

Big Ron's Baltimore: A Working Man's View of Urban Blight

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JoeJuly 27, 2018 2:04 PM UTC

James, I feel honoured that you would post my comment. Since I discovered your website, I’ve found your writing to have a ring of truth that mirror my own experiences. And the more I read your content and listen to you on podcasts, I’m having to adjust my political and cultural position, because much of what you say just makes sense to me. It’s like you firm up certain ideas about the world that I’ve held in the back of my mind for many years, but never bothered to explore further.

Up until a few years ago I would consider myself as being non-political. I simply had a pessimistic view about the human condition that dispelled any notion of possible political solutions. Having had a lot of time on my hands after quitting my job as a psychiatric nurse and living off my savings, I devoted much of my time on the Internet researching various topics that interested me. Basically I fleshed out all the little flashes of insight I had had over the years about the ruling elite, how power really functions and what their plans for us are. I gained an understanding of the stratification of power, the ‘need to know’ compartmentalization of the power structure and who the main players were (they are not shy in publishing these ideas). The more I understood, the more I felt the need to do something, anything. But I didn’t see any push back. Just a lot of guys delineating the problem. When I came across a movement of kids from all parts of the globe who were irreverently mocking the progressive liberal status quo, I signed up. Collectively they flew under the banner Alt-Right, but many of them would maybe challenge that. Anyway, it was like a breath of fresh air . And these kids were funny, I actually laughed myself silly at some of their antics and memes. I felt a camaraderie among whites that I hadn’t felt since my hippy days.

But for all the strong convictions of the Alt-Right, I’ve always found that there’s something lacking in their understanding about the world and about history. The idea that we can walk things back to a better time just doesn’t quite gel with me. It’s too utopian and I’d already ditched that dumb notion back in my halcyon free love, hippy days, but that’s a whole other post. I don’t think there’s any going back and even if we could, these kids would soon find out that things were not quite as they imagined they were.

The talk you did with some guys about white slavery and how life was in plantation era USA, was gold to me. There was so much in that. That spoke more to how the elite operate than most of the talks I’ve heard in recent years. I had no idea about any of that history, though it didn’t surprise that things were that way back then.

James, you have a gift for getting to the nub of things and explaining them in a way that is compelling to listen to. I wished more people knew about your work.

Wishing you well. Joe.
responds:July 27, 2018 3:03 PM UTC

Joe, I began writing online for three reasons:

to post fight advice

to post crime anecdotes and advice

to post fiction

To the extent that I have gotten to the "nub": of things, it is because of readers sending in books, links, queries, etc.

Thank you and those who came before me, without whom I would not have been banned by Amazon and become worthwhile.
BobJuly 24, 2018 4:20 AM UTC

Territoriality is hardwired. Correct me if I'm wrong, but even Indians who wished to cross territory *inhabited* (but not owned in the Lockean sense) by a different tribe had to pay tribute to do so peacefully. Ghettoization is perfectly natural and tolerated for all but whites, the atomization of whom is deliberate and strategic.
BobJuly 24, 2018 2:16 AM UTC